Ongoing services and contracts

JALT has a regular and ongoing need to provide quality services to ensure the smooth running of the organization at all levels of the organization (National, Chapter, SIG and Publications). To that end the following service contracts are available on an annual to triennial basis.

  1. JALT Accountant Contract
  2. Conference Inputter Contact
  3. Publications (Layout) Contracts
    • The Language Teacher (TLT)
    • JALT Journal (JJ)
    • Conference Proceedings
    • Conference Preview
    • Conference Handbook
  4. Publications (Printing) Contract
  5. Travel Contract (covering Conference Travel)
  6. Website Administrator Contract
  7. SIG Publications Clearinghouse Service Contract

In order to ensure that JALT receives professional and affordable services, a competitive bidding process has been implemented to oversee the selection process. The bidding process is open to any individual or any company wishing to participate. Tenders will be accepted up to midnight on the closing days stipulated in the Call for Tenders.

All tenders must demonstrate:

  • a professional level of skill and experience, and
  • the ability to get the work done on a regular basis and all year round,
  • at the lowest possible cost to the organization, and
  • a willingness to develop a sound working knowledge of JALT’s organizational structure.

All tenders must be submitted in the format requested, and may be submitted digitally in both English and Japanese to the JALT Vice President (contact). Signed originals must follow and be sent to the JALT Central Office.