Learner Development SIG

The Learner Development SIG is an active and supportive community of individuals with a broad range of personal and professional experiences, all sharing an interest in exploring learner (and educator) development. We encourage anyone with similar interests to join us. The SIG sponsors three forums a year at major conferences in Japan; offers members project, research, and conference grants; provides opportunities to publish personal stories, innovative articles, and original research in the Learning Learning newsletter and The Learner Development Journal; and holds regular Get Togethers in Tokyo, Kansai, and Hiroshima. The SIG frequently takes on other projects and activities, and is always looking for additional volunteers for committee roles. Join our vibrant community to meet, network, and explore your own learner development practices, puzzles, and research with others. To find out more, please visit our SIG's website, ld-sig.org.

学習者ディベロップメント研究部会は、学習者(そして教師)ディベロップメントの研究に関心がある会員から成る活動的でサポーティブなコミュニティです。会員は多様な個人的、専門的な経験を持ち、様々な分野で活躍しています。学習者ディベロップメントの分野に興味がある方は、どんな方でもご参加ください。本研究部会は、年に3回、日本の主要な大会でフォーラムを開催しており、東京、関西、広島では定期的な集会も実施しています。会員を対象とした助成金(大会参加助成金、プロジェクト助成金、研究助成金)の支給や、ニュースレター「学習の学習」やジャーナル「The Learner Development Journal」で個人の経験、革新的な論文、独自の研究などを発表する機会も提供しています。また、新たにプロジェクトや取り組みを始めることも多く、当研究部会の委員会に所属し、ボランティアとしてお手伝いいただける会員の方も随時募集しています。人との出会い、人脈作り、学習者ディベロップメントの実践・問題や悩み・研究をともに議論し探究するため、是非この活気に満ちたコミュニティーにご参加ください。詳しくは、学習者ディベロップメント研究部会ウェブサイト(ld-sig.org)をご覧ください。

LD SIG Officer Teams 2017-18

Co-coordinators: Yoshio Nakai, Koki Tomita
Treasury Team: Huw Davies
Membership Team: Ann Flanagan, Barrie Matte
Programme Team: Blair Barr, Robert Morel
ILA 2018 Conference Team: Steve Brown, Ann Mayeda, Hisako Yamashita
Grants Team: Jenny Morgan, Kris Sullivan, Satomi Yoshimuta
Learning Learning Editorial Team: Andy Barfield, Chika Hayashi, Tokiko Hori, Ken Ikeda, Fumiko Murase, Yoshio Nakai, Daniel Hougham, Hugh Nicoll, Sean Toland, Koki Tomita
Learner Development Journal Steering Group: Tim Ashwell, Darren Elliot, Alison Stewart
Learner Development Journal editors
     Issue 1: Darren Elliott, Hugh Nicoll
     Issue 2: Chika Hayashi, Patrick Kiernan, Masuko Miyahara
     Issue 3: Christina Gkonou, Yoshio Nakai, Jim Ronald
Publicity Team: Nicole Gallagher
Illustrator: Rob Moreau
Web Maintenance and Development
     Main LD SIG website: Hugh Nicoll     
     The Learner Development Journal website: Darren Elliot
Get-Together Teams
    Hiroshima: Jim Ronald
    Kansai: Agnes (Agi) Patko
    Tokyo: Andy Barfield, Ian Hurrell, Ken Ikeda, Jenny Morgan
Committee Members at large: Lee Arnold, Matthew Coomber, Dexter Da Silva, Bill Mboutsiadis, Mike Nix, James Underwood


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Officer Position Officer
Coordinator Yoshio Nakai
Treasurer Huw Davies
Program Chair Blair Barr
Program Chair Robert Moreau
Co-Publications Chair Andrew Barfield
Publicity Chair Nicole Gallagher
Member at Large Arnold Arao
Member at Large Matthew Coomber
Member at Large Dexter Da Silva
Member at Large James Underwood