Tottori Chapter

Tottori JALT(全国語学教育学会 鳥取支部)鳥取という地方都市の特性を生かし、地域の語学教育の更なる発展を目的とし、語学教育の専門家によるセミナー、ソーシャルイベント、ワークショップなどを開催しています。是非、あなたも参加してみませんか?

Tottori JALT looks forward to helping you accomplish your academic and professional goals far into the future.

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Officer Position Officer
Chapter President Christopher Hollis
Membership Chair Naho Iwata
Program Chair Wakako Takinami
Co-Program Chair Yazmin Tanimoto
Publicity Chair Raymond Levy
Co-Publicity Chair Kyle Perry
Co-Publicity Chair Miyuki Miyachika
Co-Membership Chair Raymond Levy
General Officer Hitomi Takeuchi
General Officer Shirley Leane
Treasurer Bettina Begole