Shizuoka Chapter

We are a friendly, medium-sized chapter that holds meetings every second month in Shizuoka city. Our members teach in a variety of settings - elementary schools, junior / senior high schools, universities and conversational schools. At each meeting, we try to invite dynamic presenters who will not just lecture but will also engage the audience by giving practical, interactive presentations and workshops. We hope that each meeting attendee will not only learn something but also leave with specific activities or techniques that can be used with their classes.

Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, there is something for you at Shizuoka JALT!


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Upcoming Events

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Officer Position Officer
Treasurer Farrah Hasnain
Program Chair Nichollette Burchell
Membership Chair Hiroko Kataoka
Membership Chair Hiroko Kataoka
Member at Large Yuki Yasutomi