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Okinawa JALT has two main purposes: professional development for language teachers and promoting language education in the community. Our events feature world-renowned scholars as well as local language professionals. We hold workshops to help our members with practical teaching needs. We also provide opportunities for our members to make presentations and publish research. By working together as a dedicated community of professionals, we can share ideas and improve the quality of our teaching. Workshops and presentations are generally held every other month at local university venues. We also offer "Flex Events" for those wishing to organize their own workshops or conferences. For additional information, please check our WEBSITE or look for us on FACEBOOK.

沖縄JALTは主に2つの柱を目的としています。それは、語学専門家の研究発展及び地域の語学教育促進です。沖縄JALTは、世界的有名学者や地域で活躍する語学専門学者の方々を招き語学の専門的知識を向上させる企画を行います。沖縄JALTでは会員の皆様へ実践的な語学教育法などを研究発表会・勉強会・研修会・学会などを通し需要や必要性に応じ開催致します。更に、会員の皆様には、研究発表の場や研究論文の出版を致します。専門家が集まる団体とし活動していくことで、お互いの意見や考えを共有することができ、よりよい教育の質を向上して行くことが可能となります。 基本的に研究発表会・研修会や学会などは、琉球大学にて毎月第3日曜日に開催致します。勉強会などの終了後は自由ですが、気楽な雑談会といった形で意見交換を行っております。夏や年末には親睦を深める意味でバーベキューとクリスマス・パーティーを開催致します。より詳しく情報を得たいお方は、沖縄JALTのWebFacebookをご参照ください。

We now offer an on-demand system for creating your own customized conference. Just tell us the date, time, and give us 3 months' notification. Bring 10 or more people to the conference, and we will do everything else. Let us know a theme/date, and we'll do the rest (reserving the facilities, and promoting/organizing the event).
1. Decide on a date/theme
2. Bring 10+ JALT members
3. Give us 3 months' notification For more information about FLEX Events, please visit our WEBSITE.
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Officer Position Officer
Chapter President George Maclean
Membership Chair Grant Osterman
Program Chair Justin Foster-Sutherland
Publicity Chair Nadine Richard