A number of publications can be purchased from JALT. The following are now available:

The Language Teacher

  • The Language Teacher: Current issues. ...¥950 per copy (if available)
  • The Language Teacher: Back issues. ...¥600 per copy (if available)
  • The Language Teacher Millennium Volume (CD-ROM): vol. 24–25 ...¥500

JALT Journal

  • JALT Journal: Current issues. ...¥950 per copy (if available)
  • JALT Journal: Back issues. ...¥600 per copy (if available)

Conference Proceedings (on CD-ROM)

  • On JALT99: Teacher Belief, Teacher Action ...¥500
  • On JALT2000: Towards the New Millennium ...out of stock
  • On PAC3 at JALT2001: A Language Odyssey ...out of stock
  • On JALT2002: Waves of the Future ...¥500
  • On JALT2003: Keeping Current in Language Education ...¥500
  • On JALT2004: Language Learning for Life ...¥3,500/¥4000*

Other Publications

  • (2001) JALT Applied Materials: Second Language Acquisition Research in Japan (CD-ROM) ...¥500
  • JALT Applied Materials: Classroom Resources -This CD-ROM features 100 classroom-ready activities, many with copiable worksheets. For more information, go to JAM: Classroom Resources. Note: During April, 2006, JALT members can purchase the disk at a special low price of just ¥1,750!!

*JALT members/non-members prices

Also available:

  • A photocopy service for reprints of articles from any of JALT publications (¥500/article per 10 pages)
  • The Language Teacher Binder (¥990 per each)

Currently JALT can only accept postal orders, either by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or postal money order. To order, download the Publication Services order form (link below), fill it out and post it to JALT Central Office. Note that prices above are for JALT members; non–member prices are listed on the order form.

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