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Published: Sat, 12/06/2008 - 10:23am

Hello; dobr denj; kalimera; ni hao; guten tag; anyong hashimnikka; bonjour, buenos dias; hyvää päivää; bom dia; haisai; konnichiwa!

In a time when we can easily understand where and how other people live, there is still only one surefire way to find out what they think individually or as a culture: to learn their language. As every culture contains specific patterns of thought and mindsets which cannot always be put into English or translated easily from one language to another, learning its language opens the door to that culture and the countries using it. The OLE SIG was founded in 1996 in order to serve the special needs of such learners and teachers.

Languages are also thought to be instrumental in developing cultural empathy, opening up our minds to other concepts and ideas, and enabling us to reflect on our own. In this way, OLE can also be considered part of peace education.

Although many teachers of German, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian etc. have their own teacher organizations, they need JALT with its powerful network across the nation and even outside of Japan in order to get more urgently needed representation on a nationwide overarching scale. On the other hand, JALT would simply be incomplete without representing the thousands of students learning and the hundreds of teachers teaching the above languages throughout Japan.

So, please help us by letting your colleagues know that JALT is inclusive of all language teaching in Japan!

SIG Officers

Rudolf Reinelt
Andreas Kasjan
Eric Fortin
Alexander Imig
Gabriela Schmidt

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Upcoming Events

Main speaker: Professor Noriyuki Nishiyama (Kyoto University) 貴重講演:西山教行先生(京都大学)
Many contributions to language learning and teaching beyond the first foreign language (母国語である)日本語、あるいは第一外国語としての英語以外の外国語教育
Saturday, 24 September 2016 - 9:00am - 6:50pm

español - 조선어 ・한국어- 汉语 - le français - Deutsch –ру́сский язы́к ‐Bahasa Indonesia ‐ Tiếng Việt -Português ‐ ภาษาไทย

Call for Papers
Japanese Association for Language Teaching (JALT) Other Language Educators (OLE)

invite you to the
第5回JALT OLE SIG年次大会(および教材展示会) 5th Annual JALT OLE SIG Conference

LanguageS PLUS
Language learning and teaching beyond the first foreign language

Date: Sept. 24, 2016
Organizer: Prof. Alexander Imig, Chukyo Univ.
Venue: Chukyo University,
Nagoya, Aichi

conference information: http://www.geocities.jp/dlinklist/ENG/2016OLE-Conference.html

Main speaker: Professor Noriyuki Nishiyama (Kyoto University)

From Intercultural Understanding to Intercultural Education 
- Rethinking the Goals of Foreign Language Education –

Please submit your proposal with the header OLE5SIG to the OLE coordinator at reinelt.rudolf.my@ehime-u.ac.jp T/F 089-927-9359
Extended Deadline: Aug. 14, 23:59

Last year’s contributions will soon be available here:
開催予定日: 平成28年9月24日(土)
開催時間: 9:00- 17:00
開催場所: 中京大学 http://www.chukyo-u.ac.jp/
住所:〒466-8666 名古屋市昭和区八事本町101-2




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