Teacher Education & Development

The Teacher Education and Development (TED) SIG is a network for those who want to help themselves and others become better teachers. TED SIG had a big presence at JALT2014, including sponsoring one of the plenary speakers, Prof. Thomas Farrell. Our joint forum with CUE SIG was enjoyed by a lot of members. It was also great that so many members were able to meet up, hang out, and chat at the TED SIG desk throughout the conference. If you missed the action, check out TED’s website for some of the highlights: http://jalt.org/ted.

The end of the conference and the beginning of the new year heralds more frenetic activity as the officers start to think about organizing the next Teachers’ Journeys Conference, TED SIG’s annual mini-conference. Please get in touch with us if there is a particular speaker you would like to hear.

Also, don’t forget about TED SIG’s journal Explorations in Teacher Education. The journal welcomes stimulating articles across the field. Submission guidelines for articles can be found on the website. You can also stay in touch with us via Facebook or Google+ or by following @tedsig on Twitter.