Lifelong Language Learning

The topic of the LLL-SIG’s Forum at JALT2014 was “Finding what motivates adult learners.” An enthusiastic audience attended this talk, given by a distinguished line-up of three speakers: Deborah Bollinger and Joseph Dias of Aoyama Gakuin University, and Kathleen Yamane of Nara University.

Deborah Bollinger explored factors that motivate a particular group of older adult learners (in their 50s-70s) who have continued to improve their written and spoken English proficiency over a period of more than 20 years.

Next, Kathleen Yamane discussed her experiences teaching three-day “schooling” courses for correspondence students—most of whom had been away from English for decades—enrolled in a degree program in Cultural Properties.

Lastly, Joseph Dias and Deborah Bollinger reported on an investigation they conducted on attitudes toward plagiarism among university students and implications for lifelong learning. The presenters found that the problem of plagiarism cannot be resolved simply by devising the “perfect” plagiarism policy or pedagogy, as it is necessary to be constantly vigilant and adjust to changes over time.

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