JALT Research Grants Frequently Asked Questions

1. What grants are available?

Up to three grants of 100,000 yen may be awarded for the 2018 academic year depending on the number of viable applications.

2. Who can apply for the grants?

The grants are available for JALT members who do not already have access to institutional assistance and research grant funding from their place(s) of employment. The grants are specifically designed for part-time teachers working from the kindergarten to tertiary levels, as well as individual teachers working for themselves, companies, or language schools. If you are a full-time teacher and do not have access to institutional assistance and research grant funding from your place of employment, you may also apply. If you are doing graduate work on a part-time basis and working as a teacher, you may also apply. However, the grants are not available for full-time graduate studies.

3. Are co-authored projects allowed?

Projects involving more than one teacher are welcome; however, the amount of research grant is fixed at 100,000 yen and does not change if more than one researcher is involved.

4. Do successful applicants need to present on their research?

If your application is successful, you are required to give a presentation about your research at the annual JALT conference in 2019 after the completion of your project.

5. Do successful applicants need to write reports about their research?

Grant recipients are required to write four short quarterly reports. The first three reports need to be about 500 words long. The final quarterly report needs to be at least 1,500 words. You are also required to submit an article to The Language Teacher at the end of your research. Publication in TLT will depend on the quality of the submission.

6. What support can successful applicants get from JALT for developing their research?

If they wish, successful applicants have the opportunity to benefit from collaborative support from experienced teacher-researchers. They will provide advice and support in order to help you develop and execute your own project successfully.

7. What is the deadline for applying for a research grant for 2018 awardees?

Applicants must submit their applications by midnight of 31st August 2017; they will then be informed of the results after the vetting period is completed at the end of September. Research grant recipients will be announced at the JALT2017 conference, as well as on the JALT website.

8. What is the schedule for completing the research?

The main research period lasts from April 2018 to March 2019.

2017May 1st – August 31stApplication period
2017Sept. 1st – Sept. 30thVetting period and decision-making by grants committee
2017Early OctoberApplicants and recipients informed of results
2017Late NovemberSuccessful applicants announced at the JALT Annual International Conference
2017DecemberGrants paid out finalization of research plan
2018April 1stFormal Research period starts
2018July 15thDeadline for first short quarterly report
2018October 15thDeadline for second short quarterly report
2019January 15thDeadline for third short quarterly report
2019March 31stDeadline for final long report
2019FallPresentation at the 2019 JALT conference

9. When should grant recipients present on their research?

Successful applicants should give a presentation at the annual JALT conference after their research has completed (i.e., Fall 2019 for 2018 grant awardees). The aim of this presentation is to help the awardees complete their project successfully and confidently by presenting about it for the JALT community.

10. Where can I find an application form for a JALT research grant?

Please download the attached form.


If you have suggestions for improving these guidelines, please contact us at researchgrants@jalt.org. Thank you for your interest.

JALT Research Grant Committee