Nominees for 2018 Executive Board Elections


The voting period of 45 days shall open on Saturday April 14th and close on Sunday May 27th. The newly elected Board and Auditor will be announced on this website on Monday, May 28th, and their official position shall begin on January 1st, 2019 for two years.
All JALT members are invited to cast their ballots at the following link::

Nominee for Position of President


Richmond Stroupe

JALT is one of the largest, most dynamic and active language teaching associations in Asia. Our strength is in our members and the professional development community we have worked to establish and encourage. We are a strong organization, a leader in the region, but we can always do better.

I would like to continue to focus on identifying innovative ways to increase the value of JALT membership through collaboration with our Chapters and SIGs, international and domestic partner associations, and our publishing, corporate and university partners. As an association we also need to improve communication. The Board of Directors works closely and is overseen by the Executive Board, but we need to communicate more effectively, clearly and directly with the JALT membership. The Board of Directors works for our membership: We need and want to hear your voice. We are an association for all teachers at all levels, and from all backgrounds. Our goal is to reach out more and ensure JALT remains relevant to teachers’ needs.

We will face challenges as environments where we teach change, but opportunities remain and the future is bright. I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to these efforts.


私は、これからも継続して全国学教育学会(JALT)会員の質を向上させる為、革新的に各支部、分野別研究部会(SIG)国内外の姉妹学会、出版社、企業及び大学との協働を推し進めてまいります。又、私たちは組織としてお互いのコミュニケーションを向上させなくてはいきません。理事会は執行役員会 (EBM) の監督のもと、緊密に協働し、会員とより効果的、明確にまた直接的にコミュニケ―ションを図る必要があると考えます。理事会は会員の皆様の為に存在します、声を聴かせて下さい。私たちはそれぞれ違う背景を持つすべての教師の方々の為の組織です。私たちのめざすところは、教師の皆様の必要するところへ確実に手を差し伸べる事です。


  • Education: PhD, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Employment: Professor, Soka University, Tokyo, Japan
  • JALT Related Experience:
    • President 2016 – Present
    • Vice President 2014 – 2016
    • Strategic Planning Committee Member, 2014, 2015
    • Business Manager 2013 - 2014
    • Chair of the International Affairs Committee 2008 - 2013

Richmond Stroupe has worked with university and professional language learners from Asia since 1989. He received a Ph.D. in International Comparative Education from the University of Southern California and has been involved in the development of language learning programs in a number of contexts. He is currently the Chair of the Master's Program in International Language Education: TESOL at Soka University, Japan. Richmond is professionally active in Japan, as the President of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), in the United States, with TESOL International Association through involvement in various committees and task forces, and in Cambodia, with CamTESOL (Cambodia TESOL) as a member of the Advisory Board of the IDP Education sponsored Language Education in Asia publication. Richmond actively conducts workshops, publishes and presents on a variety of professional activities and research projects, which include teacher education practices, curriculum and professional development, and developing learners' critical thinking skills.

Nominee for Position of Vice-president


Naomi Fujishima

After experiencing two years as JALT national vice president, I find that I still have much more to learn from this position. This is the main reason for my desire to continue as vice president for another term. I have built up a good rapport with the JALT Central Office staff, who are key in making this organization run smoothly and efficiently. I will continue to do my utmost to support the president, as well, to ensure that the organization continues to meet the needs of its members. From my 10 years of experience as JALT International Conference Manager and EME Coordinator, I know that the key to a smoothly run conference is a team that works well together. I hope that the new blood coming into the Board of Directors from 2018 will bring in an abundance of creativity, experience, and innovative ideas. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow board members to continue to make JALT not only the leading language teaching organization in Japan but one of the foremost in the world.


  • Education: Master of Arts, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California, USA
  • Employment: Okayama University (Professor, Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education)
  • JALT related experience:
    • 2016-2018: Vice President
    • 2013-2016: International Conference Manager
    • 2006-2012: EME (Educational Materials Exhibition) Coordinator for International Conference
    • 2012: PanSIG Conference Chair
    • 2009-2016: Hiroshima chapter member-at-large
  • 最終学歴:MA, TESOL, Middlebury Institute of International Studies(アメリカ、カリフォルニア州)
  • 現職:岡山大学基幹教育センター 教授
  • JALT関連の役職:
    • 2016-2018: JALT副理事長
    • 2013-2016: JALT年次国際大会 実行委員長
    • 2006-2012: JALT年次国際大会 教育教材展コーディネーター
    • 2012: JALT PanSIG大会 企画委員長
    • 2009-2016: JALT広島支部 無任所会員(member-at-large)

Nominee for Position of Director of Membership


Joshua Krill

If I am elected as the Director of Membership, my intention is to continue to push for more innovative ways to drive people to join JALT and for members to attend events, such as the Golden Ticket campaign, which I gave feedback on before it was presented to members of the EBM. Also, as one of the directors, I intend to use the experience gained as a chapter president to contribute further ideas on how JALT as an organization can reduce some of its costs, but also for how chapters and SIGs can reduce some of theirs. There are some excellent ideas being passed around EBM net involving collaboration between chapters and SIGs and how sharing the burden of both the planning and the costs has led to some excellent events that would otherwise have been difficult for either party to pull off. As these types of events give value to our members and help bring in new ones, I will be looking to try and get more chapters and SIGs collaborating in this way.

I hold a Masters of Education in TESOL from Temple University (Japan Campus) and have widespread experience with a number of positions within JALT. I became active in leadership early on in my JALT career as the Membership Chair for Saitama, and then transitioned from there to its Publicity Chair, and finally to its President, which I have been for two years now. I have also co-chaired the Nakasendo English Conference, which was a collaboration between several of the Kanto-based chapters and so I know firsthand what cooperation between chapters (and SIGs) can achieve. I have also stayed active within the realm of membership, attending the Membership Chair meetings at every JALT national conference, along with my membership chair after I moved out of that position, in order to both stay on top of the various membership initiatives as well as hear what others were doing to drive their numbers up and bring people to their events. Lastly, I have had success in reducing Saitama JALT’s costs so that a majority of our funds are spent on bringing excellent presenters in and not on the presentation space itself, particularly with budget cuts for chapters looming in the near future.

Nominee for Position of Director of Program


Wayne Malcolm

If elected, I will carry out the functions of Director of Program as prescribed by the JALT Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules. The Director of Program is a high profile and intense position to volunteer for, so in conjunction with the incoming Board of Directors, Executive Board, Appointed National Officers, JALT Central Office Staff, and general membership, I would like to place my unique identity next to that of my predecessors, with the hope of providing a continued platform for those who come after me to achieve and maintain excellence.

Having organized the ad-hoc committee that produced the JALT Mission Statement, I feel I understand the essence of JALT. Also, having served as Business Manager has given me practical knowledge for how our Associate Members, the international conference, the budget, and JALT Central Office work. All of these are key areas that a Director of Program will be required to understand, organize, manage, and develop.
Given the opportunity it is my intent to represent JALT’s dynamic community of practice with a progressive mindset, while holding to what has kept JALT a valued member of Japan’s language education community. I look forward to your support.



Hello! I am Wayne Malcolm from Cornwall, New York in the United States. I have been living and working in Japan since October 2002. My immediate family and I live in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. I have taught in various sectors of Japan’s English language teaching industry. I currently teach in the area of college and university education.

I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I also have a Masters of Management in International Management from University of Phoenix. And, I am a candidate for Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership specializing in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix.

In March of 2007 I joined JALT as a member of the Akita Chapter. Since then I have held various posts within JALT; as a Chapter President, Chapter Program Chair, SIG Publicity Chair, and currently as Business Manager. In these capacities I have been a continuous presence as the Executive Board Meetings and within the select committees that do the business of JALT. Throughout my volunteer tenure I have worked with people from our SIGs, Chapters, Associate Members group, Board of Directors, other appointed officers, and JALT Central Office.


Nominees for Position of Director of Public Relations


John Gayed

The world is rapidly changing and the way our students process information is also rapidly changing. I decided that to become a better teacher for my students I would have to reflect on my own skills and assess where I needed the most improvement. My successful graduation from a Master’s program in Educational Technology gave me a solid understanding of concepts that will allow me to effectively integrate new techniques and methods into my teaching. After finishing my Masters, I was motived to join JALT to focus on professional development.  Joining JALT sponsored conferences and events has been an eye-opening experience for me and I hope to duplicate that experience to educators in Japan who might be interested in joining JALT. The position of Director of PR for JALT will enable me to contribute to my peers by combining the knowledge I have gained over 15 years of teaching in Japan and my background as a Senior Marketing Manager from my pre-Japan career.

世界は急速に変化しており、学生が情報を処理する方法も急速に変化しています。学生のための優れた教師になるためには、自分のスキルを反映し、どこで最も改善が必要かを評価しなければならないと決めました。教育技術の修士課程を無地に卒業したことで、新しい技法や手法を教授法に効果的に組み込むことができる概念を強く理解することができました。私の修士を終えた後、全国語学教育学会に参加して専門的な開発に専念したいと考えています。 全国語学教育学会が主催する会議やイベントに参加することは私の目に見えている経験であり、全国語学教育学会に参加することを希望する日本の教育者にその経験を伝えたいと考えています。 全国語学教育学会PRディレクターになれれば、私が日本で教えてきた15年以上の知識と日本のキャリアのマーケティングマネージャーとしての経験を組み合わせることで、私の仲間に貢献することができるのではと考えています。

M.Ed. Educational Technology; BA. Sociology; BA. Political Science.

Teaching and work as an instructor of English in Japan for over 15 years. Prior to arriving in Japan, I worked in government and advertising industries. My career in Japan has seen me take on roles such as University lecturer, school director of an expanding and successful language school and secondary school teacher at a private ladder school. I am an enthusiastic proponent of professional development and regularly present at conferences about topics such as Information Literacy, Computer Assisted Language Learning and ESL pedagogy. I'm skilled in Japanese, Internet marketing and technology. I view myself as a strong business development professional who has gained valuable experience and knowledge from the education and corporate sectors. I hope my desire to learn is transferred to my students, so they can develop their own personal love of learning. My core belief will always be guided by my enthusiasm for the profession and a passion for learning, teaching, and passing on knowledge to others.

修士課程 教育工学専攻。社会学; 政治学 学士。

日本で英語を教える指導者として15年以上教えています。日本に来る前は、政府や広告業界で働いていました。日本での私のキャリアは、大学の講師、成功し拡大している語学学校の学院長、私立の中高一貫校の教師などを担うことができました。私は専門的な開発を積極的に支持し、情報リテラシー、コンピュータ支援言語学習、第二言語としての英語教育などのトピックに関する会議で定期的に発表しています。私は日本語、インターネットマーケティング、テクノロジーに熟練しています。私は自分自身を教育や企業部門から貴重な経験と知識を得ている強力なビジネス開発専門家と自負しています。私は自分の欲望を学ぶことを生徒にも伝わることを望んでおり、彼らは自分自身の学習の愛を育てることができると考えています。私の信念は、職業に対する熱意と、人に知識を教え、 知識を渡すことに対する情熱によって、常に導かれています。


Parisa Mehran

I have always wanted to be a part of JALT, and as a non-native, non-Japanese, Middle-Eastern looking woman, I tried hard, and am still trying, to find ways to assimilate and blend into JALT, which is challenging and yet worthwhile, because I hope that my journey can make the path easier for future members like me, as all JALT members deserve to feel welcomed, accepted, belonged, included, heard, and valued.

Being on the JALT Board of Directors in the past few months, I am impressed by the hard work, dedication, and commitment everyone puts into helping JALT grow, which filled me with optimism and hope and gave me courage to stand again.

First, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and trust during my first term as JALT’s DoPR. In running for my second term, if elected, I would assure that more active communication is maintained with JALT domestic and international partners. I would continue trying new media platforms to disseminate information especially in a visual, interactive, and engaging way. I would also keep using JALT social media to generate more interaction with our members and connect JALT to outside Japan. I would like to encourage Open Educational Practices within JALT to broaden access and eliminate barriers to learning as well. Moreover, I would be working for making JALT more open to diversity and inclusion. I would keep talking to our former members and encourage them to join JALT again to make the change they want to see. I would be honored to have your support on this journey again.



 最初に、JALTの広報担当のディレクターとして働いてきた中でいただいた、サポートと信頼に感謝を述べさせてください。もし私を採用してくだされば、JALT内外のパートナーとの関係を維持するコミュニケーションを、より活発に行っていくことを約束致します。情報を普及させるために、特に視覚に訴え、双方向的な関係を築き、人を引きつける方法を用いて、新しいメディアへの挑戦を続けていきたいと考えております。その上、私たちのメンバー間のさらなる相互作用や、JALTの日本の外とのつながりを生み出せるよう、JALTのソーシャルメディアを活用していきたいです。私は学習へのアクセスを広げ、かつ学習への障壁を取り除くために、JALT内のOpen Educational Practicesを促進したいと考えております。さらに、JALTが多様な人材を受け入れ、活かす組織となるよう働きかけていきます。かつてのメンバーにも、彼らが望む変革を共に行えるようにJALTへの参加を呼びかけ続けます。再び私の挑戦をサポートしていただけたら、大変嬉しく思います。よろしくお願い申し上げます。

My name is Parisa, which is a Persian name meaning “like a fairy”, and easy to remember: “Paris” plus “a”. I am a PhD student in CALL at Takemura Lab, Osaka University, Japan. Born and raised in Tehran, I hold a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in TEFL, both from Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran. In 2014, I obtained the MEXT scholarship and am now pursuing further education in Japan. I currently teach part-time at Konan Women's University and at an English conversation school. In addition, I am an English tutor at Paper Airplanes and Hands Up Project, which provide online English lessons to individuals affected by conflict. I also actively give talks about the real Iran and the Iranian people behind the news, and blog about the Iranian identity.


I started getting involved in JALT as the officer at large and afterwards as the membership chair at Osaka JALT. Together with my fellow researchers, I formed JALT MAVR SIG and now work as its publication chair. I began my JALT PR activities by volunteering as the Facebook and Twitter coordinator for JALT PanSIG and Osaka JALT, and recently had the honor to serve as JALT’s Director of Public Relations.

Nominee for Director of Records


Kenn Gale

Hello! My name is Kenn Gale. I live in Nagoya, Japan with my wife and newborn baby girl named Karina. I come from Los Angeles, California. I hold a Bachelors in Psychology and have been working in the educational field in various aspects for over 15 years. My educational career started off working for Apollo Group and various educational institutes in the states. I left California when I was 29 to travel for several years. After that, I settled down in Southeast Asia and worked for the Ministry of Education of Thailand and several joint ventures with Singapore, Vietnam and China. Currently, I am the Director of Operations/Principal for a chain of international kindergartens in Aichi with over 100 staff and 600 students. I am actively involved in the ACCJ and several other community based organizations.

I have been a member of JALT for several years. I have been actively involved in the Teaching Younger Learners SIG for two years now as the SIG Coordinator. I truly love working with young learners and am passionate about the field. I believe in JALT and whats it aims to accomplish and the platform which it provides for teachers in Japan. If elected to the Director of Records position, I will bring great enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and organization management skills that I feel can contribute to the organization. Thank you for your time and consideration.

私は、3年間JALTのメンバーとして活動しています。そのうち2年間は、SIGコーディネーターとしてTeaching Younger Learners SIG に積極的に参加をしています。私自身、幼少期の子どもたちと活動し、彼らの可能性の幅を広げていくことに非常にやりがいを感じています。また、JALTが日本にいる先生に提供している活動の目的や場面に応じて、物事を達成していくことが私にはできます。私が、この役に就いた際には、組織に絶大なる熱意と情熱、そして組織をまとめ上げることに、精一杯努めていく所存です。

Nominee for Position of Director of Treasury


Robert Chartrand

Robert is originally from Montreal, Canada, and he has been living in Fukuoka since 1983. He has taught English at language schools, companies, junior and senior high schools, junior colleges, and universities. He has enjoyed taking students on English study trips to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He received an MAT in ESOL from SIT in Vermont, USA, and a PhD from the Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan. He has also completed a one-year sabbatical at the University of Birmingham, UK, where he published a book on corpus linguistics. He is interested in doing research in technology for language learning and has been an active member in JALT for many years. He is a Professor at the Institute of Foreign Language Education, Kurume University, in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Robert has enjoyed his experience as the JALT Director of Treasury for the past two years and he would like to continue in this position. He wants to contribute to the improvement of JALT treasury matters including sorting out the problem of using bank accounts in personal names, working on unifying some of the revenue sources, and working on the future fiscal health of JALT.

JALT Experience

  • JALT Director of Treasury – From 2016 ~ Present
  • CALL SIG - Coordinator, Proceedings Editor, Treasurer and Conference Chair
  • PanSIG Conference - Proceedings Editor and Conference Administrator




  • 会計担当理事 – 2016年〜現在
  • CALL研究会 – コーディネーター、プロシーディングズ編集担当、会計担当、学会運営委員長
  • PanSIG研究大会 – プロシーディングズ編集担当、大会運営担当

Nominee for Position of Auditor


Steve Brown

It is important, I believe, for the Auditor not to have any particular agenda. If elected, it would be my role to maintain an objective stance in overseeing the activities of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, JALT Central Office and all Chapters and SIGs within NPO JALT. In seeking to ensure that the Constitution and Bylaws are adhered to, it would be my task to see that transparency and accountability are maintained within the organization.

I believe that my years of service within JALT, including four years as President, provide the background knowledge and experience to carry out this function. At the same time, having been away from national office for the last few years, I also feel that I would be sufficiently objective in dealing with any issues that arise.

I look forward to serving the membership of JALT again for the next two years.

監事が特定の議題を持たないことは重要であると考えます。私が選ばれた際は、特定非営利活動法人全国語学教育学会内において、理事会、執行役員会、 JALT事務所、およびすべての支部と分野別研究部会の活動を監督する立場となるのが私の役割です。また、定款と定款細則が遵守されるために、透明性と説明責任が組織内で維持されることを確認することが私の仕事です。

理事長として任命された4年間を含め、JALT内での私の長年の経験があるため、上記の役割をこなすための背景知識と経験を提供することができると確信しています。同時に、ここ数年 JALTの理事会や執行役員会から離れており、私は何か問題が発生した場合には十分に客観的に対処できると考えます。



  • BEd in English and Drama, University of Leeds (Bretton Hall College), UK
  • MA in TES/FL, University of Birmingham, UK

JALT Experience:

  • 2001-2002 Learner Development SIG Coordinator
  • 2002, 2003 Conference Site Chair
  • 2004 Conference Programme Chair
  • 2004~2008 JALT President
  • 2008-2010 Publications Board Chair
  • 2010 Conference Co-chair
  • 2013-2016 Liaison to UALS (United Associations of Language Societies)


  • 英国、リーズ大学Bretton Hall College、BEd(教育学士)取得(英語及びドラマ教育学専修)
  • 英国、バーミンガム大学大学院(Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language専攻)


  • 2001-2002 Learner Development研究部会のコーディネーター
  • 2002, 2003 年次国際大会の現地実行委員長
  • 2004 年次国際大会のプログラム委員長
  • 2004~2008 会長(理事長)
  • 2008-2010 出版委員長
  • 2010 年次国際大会の共同委員長
  • 2013-2016 UALS (言語系学会連合)への代表