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Meet JALT2018's Featured Speakers

Joseph Shaules is a leading author and educator in language and intercultural education. He is a full professor at Juntendo University, and is the director of the Japan Intercultural Institute. Books include: Identity (Oxford University Press); Impact Issues (Pearson); The Intercultural Mind (Intercultural Press); Deep Culture (Multilingual Matters). He has lived and worked in Mexico, Japan, and France, and is proficient in English, Spanish, Japanese, French and Indonesian.  

JALT2018 Featured Speakers

We are thrilled to announce the featured speakers for JALT2018: 

  • Joseph Shaules
  • Sandra McKay
  • Louise Haynes
  • Dat Bao
  • Justin Harris
  • John Hughes

For more details, please visit: https://jalt.org/conference/jalt2018/featured-speakers

NPO JALT 2018 National Elections: Last Call for Nominations

The nomination period will end tomorrow at midnight (Wednesday, March 28th). 

Please check this link: https://jalt.org/main/news/national-elections-nominations-status

Thank you for your consideration. 

March 2018 JALT Announcements

March 2018 JALT Announcements have been sent out. Please check this link:


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JALT2018 Plenary Speakers' Presentations

JALT2018 Plenary Speakers' Presentations:
Full abstracts are available at: https://jalt.org/conference/jalt2018/plenary-speakers


National Elections Nominations Status

Dear NPO JALT member;

With the nomination period ending at midnight, Wednesday, March 28th, we still have one position, the Director of Records, without a nominee. Here are the other people who have confirmed their willingness to run for election.

Korea TESOL 2018 National Conference Pre-registration Now Open

Pre-registration for the KOTESOL National Conference is now open (link: https://koreatesol.org/nc2018).

The deadline for pre-registration is April 28. The conference itself is on May 12 at Kangnam University in Yongin, just outside of Seoul. We are privileged to have Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto as our plenary speaker.

Pre-registration rates are as follows:

KOTESOL members: 15,000 KRW (around 1,500 JPY)

JALT2018 Plenary Speakers

We are delighted to announce JALT2018 plenary speakers: 

Momoko Nakamura (中村桃子)

Diane Larsen-Freeman

Lindsay Clandfield

Judith B. O'Loughlin

Please check this link for more details: https://jalt.org/conference/jalt2018/plenary-speakers

Meet JALT2018's Plenary Speakers

Momoko Nakamura (中村桃子) is Professor of English at Kanto Gakuin University. Her recent publications include Gender, Language and Ideology: A Genealogy of Japanese Women’s Language (John Benjamins), Honyaku ga tsukuru Nihongo [Translation and Japanese Language] (Hakutakusha), Onna kotoba to Nihongo [Women’s Language and Japanese Language] (Iwanami shinsho), Sei to Nihongo [Sex and Japanese Language] (NHK Books), and Onna kotoba wa tsukurareru [Constructing Women’s Language] (Hituji shobo, Received the 27th Yamakawa Kikue Award).

Good and Bad News

Unfortunately, Rebecca Oxford has informed us that she will not be able to join JALT2018. However, we are happy to announce Diane Larsen-Freeman will be joining us.
More information soon.