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February JALT Announcements

February JALT Announcements have been sent out. Please check this link:


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JALT Upcoming Election Announcement

An email has been sent out about JALT upcoming election announcement. If you haven't received it, please check your spam folder as messages sometimes get routed there. Please watch your email, spam folder, and social media for instructions and a link to the nomination form.

Thank you.

JALT2018 Plenary Speakers

We are delighted to announce our plenary speakers for #JALT2018:

  • Momoko Nakamura (中村桃子)
  • Rebecca Oxford
  • Lindsay Clandfield
  • Judith B. O'Loughlin

Please check this link for more details: 

JALT 2017 Special Election Results

Dear JALT members,

From Friday, November 17th at 5pm to Sunday, November 19th at 3:40pm, JALT members cast their votes anonymously at the JALT National Conference in Tsukuba. Additionally, exactly 30 votes were cast by mail from 15 letters that were sent to JALT Central Office on or before Thursday, November 16th, as per e-mail notification sent to the membership, as well as noted on the JALT.org website.

JALT Central Office Operations: November 2017

JALT Central Office will be closed from November 17th (Friday) through November 23rd (Thursday) due to the international conference.