Conference Registration

How to Register

  • Choose your main conference registration option (1 day, 3 days, or JALT Junior), and click "Add to Cart".
  • If you wish to attend the TnT workshops on Friday Nov 17, or add an environmental levy, select those once you have chosen your conference attendance option.
  • If you are a full-time university or graduate student and wish to apply for the full-time student discount option you must provide proof of full-time student status before registering or on the day of your application (full details available here). If you are already a JALT student member and your membership is valid through November 30, then you don't have to submit any further documentation.
  • You can then add membership options or complete your registration as required.


  • Conference Registration will be available until October 22nd (October 1st for presenters).
  • If your JALT membership is valid through 30 Nov 2017, you are entitled to member rates—even if you pay for your membership at the same time as registration. Log in with your JALT account to register at member rates.
  • Full registration details can be found at

Environmental Levy

The JALT International Conference has been working to improve the environmental performance of the conference in recent years. This includes local sourcing of sustainable products, reducing waste, and increasing recycling. Since some environmental impact is inevitable, especially from transport, we have also been arranging carbon offsets to compensate for our carbon footprint. This year, we are encouraging participants to consider paying an environmental levy of 500 yen or 1000 yen at registration to help offset the conference's footprint. After the conference proceeds will be donated to two carbon offset projects which have been selected by the Environmental Committee (more details here - PDF file).