Literature in Language Teaching SIG

Who are we?

  • Co-Coordinator: Tara McIlroy
  • Co-Coordinator: Simon Bibby
  • Publicity Chair: Kevin Stein
  • Treasurer: Vicky Richings
  • Program Chair: Steven Pattison & Paul Sevigny
  • Membership Chair: Gregg McNabb
  • Journal Editor: Gregg McNabb
  • Assistant Editor: Kevin Stein
  • LiLT Journal Editorial Team: Simon Bibby, Tara McIlroy, Kevin Stein, Gregg McNabb and numerous blind readers.
  • Members at large: Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Quenby Hoffmann Aoki, Ng Lay Sion


SIG website:

SIG Publication: Journal of Literature in Language Teaching (normally published in summer and winter)

We welcome submissions throughout the year.


"The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that can not read them." -Mark Twain

Hi! A hearty welcome to the Literature in Language Teaching SIG. We started up this group to encourage and promote the use of literature in the language classroom. Literature provides real content to engage and to motivate our EFL students.

We publish a high quality peer-reviewed Journal, which has now gone international, with submissions from authors in various countries. The journal is cited far and wide too. Publish with us, and share your ideas not just nationally, but globally!

In addition to the Journal, we arrange events at PanSIG, JALT National, and held our first solo event in 2014, a one-day conference in Aichi. More coming....

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Officer Position Officer
Coordinator Tara McIlroy
Publications Chair Kevin Stein
Treasurer Vicky Richings
Program Chair Paul Sevigny
Membership Chair Gregg McNabb