Academic Writing: Cultivating Success in the Publishing Process

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Paul Beaufait
David Ockert
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1,000 yen
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Saturday, December 5, 2015 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

West Tokyo JALT and the Peer Support Group are pleased to present an afternoon on Academic writing and publishing:

Abstract: In this three-part presentation, JALT Writers' Peer Support Group (PSG) members will first describe the PSG and its workings with aspiring academic writers. Then they will outline strategies for subsequent stages of writing and getting published including submission processes, communicating with editors, and revising. Paul Beaufait will explain what the PSG is and does. He will cover how the PSG can help writers, and how to become a peer reader for the PSG.

Next, David Ockert will do his best to explain how to produce a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. The strategies for the various stages of getting published - including the submission process, communicating with editors, and revising - will be presented and discussion is welcomed. He will provide advice on academic writing, including: targeting manuscripts for specific journals, formatting manuscripts for submission, communicating with editors, handling reviewers' comments, and up to making decisions during the final review at the layout stage. Real-life examples will be made available as necessary and audience members are invited to ask questions for clarification throughout the presentation. For the third part of the session, we plan on a mini-workshop, to which participants are invited to bring examples of their own work, work in progress, or proposals to share and examine with the presenters and other participants.


13:00 Registration opens
13:15 Part 1: Introduction to the Writers' Peer Support Group
13:45 Questions and answers
14:00 Intermission
14:15 Part 2: Preparation of submissions and strategies for beyond
15:00 Discussion
15:15 Part 3: Workshop
16:00 End

Fee: JALT members & TKU faculty: Free!!

Non-members: ¥1,000 (You can join/renew your membership on the day).

Venue: Tokyo Keizai University (A ten-minute walk from Kokubunji Station on the JR Chuo Line). Building #6 (the big light blue one). Room F412.

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