Four Corners Tour: Jane Spiro

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm
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Jane Spiro
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1,000 yen
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Presenter: Jane Spiro

Date & Time: Friday,11/13/2015. 18.30 - 21.00

Venue: Tokyo Keizai University. Building #6 (the big light blue building), Room F414

Rough Schedule
18:30 - Registration opens
19:00 - First presentation
19:50 - Break
20:00 - Second presentation
21:00 - Skeedadle

Map and directions from the center of Tokyo:

Take the JR Chuo Line (orange colored trains) west toward Toyoda, Hachioji, Takao, or Ome, etc.. Any train will do, but Special Rapid (Tokkai) trains are faster. Get off at Kokubunji Station, and walk East, along the tracks.


Pinning down the butterfly: assessing creativity

This paper explores the process of arriving at an assessment of creativity. Examples of assessment activities are shared, along with assessor and student reflections. Several questions are confronted: are creativity and assessment not contradictory to one another? How can assessment be assured of transparency, objectivity and meaningfulness to the learner? A number of key principles are offered as tentative answers to these questions, with practical examples of what these might mean for the language teacher.

Writing to create: story for developing writing fluency

This talk will show how the features and ingredients of story can be used as building blocks for developing writing fluency. The talk will explore how and why story production can feed into other writing skills and functions. Participants will have the opportunity to trial activities for themselves, to consider examples of student writing, and to analyse the characteristics of writing fluency, such as attention to audience and appropriacy to text type.


Jane Spiro is Head of Applied Linguistics and Principal Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, and course manager of the MA in ELT for in-service teachers. She won a National Teaching Fellowship in 2010 for her work within the fields of creative language education, teacher development and reflective practice. She has taught language learners and teachers from beginner to MA level in schools and colleges worldwide, including Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, India, Mexico, and China. In 1998 she was judge for the first Poetry in EFL competition, and consultant for the first EFL poetry anthology, Poetry as a Foreign Language (White Adder Press 1999)