Smart Teaching / Successful Learning 効率のよい指導・効果的な学習

Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
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Jason Gold
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Ways to keep students attentive and engaged.

Workshop Title: Smart Teaching / Successful Learning 効率のよい指導・効果的な学習

Presenter: Jason D. Gold of Kwansei Gakuin University ジェイソン  ゴールド(関西学院大学)

Location: Tottori University 鳥取大学(湖山キャンパス)

When: December 3rd (Sunday)  123

Time: 14:00pm 16:00pm  (Room opens from 13:45) (Please be seated by 13:55)


Presentation Abstract: “Smart Teaching / Successful Learning”  

In these workshops, we will discuss ways to keep students attentive and engaged.

Workshop 1 will focus on four key factors for effective learning: emotion (How do I feel?), interest (Am I interested?), perceived importance (Is this important t o me?), and self-efficacy (Can I do this?). In workshop 2 we will discuss ways to keep students engaged and motivated to learn. We will also look at what we can do to influence their attitude and approach to challenges, effort, failures and lifelong learning. Jason will also share insights from recent research on how brains work and how we learn.


今回のワークショップでは、どのようにして学習者の興味を引き続けるか、という問題を取り上げます。ワークショップ1では、効果的な学習に欠かせない4つの要素に焦点を当てます。その4つとは、感情(どう感じているか)、関心(関心を持っているか)重要性の認知(重要性を感じているか)、自己効力感 (自信があるかどうか)です。ワークショップ2では、学習者の意欲を喚起し続ける方法について注目します。学習者が挑戦し、努力し、失敗して、さらに生涯学び続けようとする過程に前向きな影響力を持つために、指導者できることは何かを考えます。ジェイソン・ゴールド氏は、最近の脳の働きと学習に関する研究を通して行った洞察を今回のワークショップの参加者にも伝えます。


Jason Gold’s Bio Data:

Jason Gold, of Kwansei Gakuin University, and has been teaching in Japan for more than 6 years. He holds an M.A. in TESOL and B.A. degrees in Economics and International Relations. His research interests involve neuroscience/educational psychology practical applications for classroom teaching, particularly regarding motivation, learner mindsets, and metacognitive strategies.

ジェイソン  ゴールド氏略歴:



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