JALT2016 Pre-Conference My Share + Annual General Meeting

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Miguel Mision
Gregory Birch
Damian Gowland
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Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

At our November event, members presenting at JALT2016 Annual International Conference will share their research, and Damian Gowland will talk about his experience on a CELTA course in the Galapagos Islands. We will also hold our Annual General Meeting, which includes an election for next year's officers.

Miguel Mision Mobile Assisted Language Learning for Young Learners.

While MALL offers many opportunities for language learners to communicate and exchange ideas with each other, there have been few developments for elementary or beginner level learners who have not reached the communicative ability necessary for iCALL. Many applications are created using dated memorisation and quiz designs. This presentation will explore key design features of MALL for young learners and how they are currently and could be utilized for learning.

Miguel Mision has been teaching English at elementary schools in Japan for 8 years. He completed a Masters degree in TESOL, graduating with first class honors and focused his dissertation on Mobile Assisted Language Learning. He is the current webmaster for JALT Shinshu Chapter.

Gregory Birch JTEs’ and ALTs’ views on teaching materials

This study continues earlier research (Birch, 2008) into the state of team teaching in Japanese junior and senior high schools by examining textbook usage, lesson preparation and materials selection in team-teaching contexts, and professional development among ALTs. Results are based on surveys completed by 120 Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and 80 Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) during the Skills Development Conference in two prefectures, and interviews to further explore survey results.

Gregory Birch, a professor at Seisen Jogakuin College in Nagano, Japan, has presented and written articles on Task-Based Learning and teacher training. He is the current Program Chair for JALT Shinshu Chapter.

Damian Gowland Training abroad: CELTA

In this presentation I will talk about my experiences on the CELTA course in the Galapagos Islands. This presentation will cover aspects of the course, professional development and the benefits of training abroad.

Damian Gowland has been teaching English at a private language school in Matsumoto, teaching learners of all abilities from the age of 2 up to adults. He is a trained Cambridge English speaking examiner for YLEs, KET, PET, FCE, CAE & CPE exams. He is the current Publicity Chair for JALT Shinshu Chapter.

Annual General Meeting

Right after this event, we will hold our Annual General Meeting, where we will report on the state of our chapter and hold an election for next year's officers. We are pleased to announce that the following members have volunteered for the positions listed below. However, please do not let this deter you from putting your name forward. All the officers would welcome your contribution, either as an assistant or replacement. If it is the former, it is a great way to learn more about the inner workings of Shinshu JALT, and if the latter, the current officers would be more than willing to serve as your mentor when you assume one of these roles. Like any volunteer position, it is time-consuming, but I can guarantee that you will find the experience rewarding.

President: Mary Aruga
Programs: Gregory Birch
Program Chair (TEYL): Heather Fukase
Publicity: Damian Gowland
Membership: Heather Fukase
Treasurer: Cheryl Kirchhoff

Appointed positions:
Webmaster: Miguel Mision
Recording Secretary: Miguel Mision / Colleen Dalton