CLT and Assessment in English Education in Junior and Senior High School

Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm
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Dr Yoichi WATARI
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CLT and Assessment in English Education in Junior and Senior High School.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) recently implemented the new Course of Study with the goal of improving students’ ability to communicate in English. High stake entrance examinations, however, have a strong, perhaps negative, influence on classroom practice. Please join us to exchange ideas on Communicative Language Teaching and assessment in JHS / SHS English classes, and learn about recent developments in high school entrance examinations and a project to reform SHS English Education.


1) Opening address: (1:00 - 1:10) Birch, Gregory (Associate Professor, Seisen Jogakuin College)

2) Presentations. (1:10 - 2:15). Communicative Language Teaching and Assessment in JHS / SHS.
• 1:10-1:40
John Finucane Saitama City Educators.
Interview Drills: Making textbooks more Communicative

Ben Raven, ALT/ALT Coordinator in Chikuma City
Towards 2020 – Assisting teachers in creating a foundation for communication

• 1:45-2:15
Christopher Low, ALT at Warabi High School, National AJET Block 3 Representative
AJET Director of Professional and Education Development
Assessment Strategies in American Elementary Education: Response to Intervention (RtI)
method, Progress Monitoring, and how these can be implemented in Japanese EFL/ESL Classrooms.

Chris Clancy, ALT at Nagano Kogyo High School.
The path to ER: Introductory reading for Japanese high school students.

3) Guest Lecturer: (2:30 - 3:30). Are the goals for exam preparation and CLT mutually exclusive?
Dr. Yoichi Watari (Lecturer, Shizuoka University)
• Dr Watari will discuss his research into high school entrance exams, and involvement in the Senior High School English Classroom Reform Project in order to examine the relationship between CLT and high stake entrance exams.
• この講演では、大学入試への対応とコミュニケーション中心の英語授業との関係をどのように捉えどのように対応したらよいかについて、大学入試研究および高校英語授業改革プロジェクトの成果を中心にお話しします。
• WATARI Yoichi is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Shizuoka University, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on methodologies for EFL learning/teaching and research methods in applied linguistics. He completed his PhD in Education at Hokkaido University. Before taking up his current post, he was a lecturer at Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology. His research interests focus on organizing materials and curriculum for learning grammar in EFL context and exploring link structures between building linguistic knowledge and communicative activities.

4) Panel Discussion Assessment in everyday classrooms. (3:40 – 4:35).
Mr. Ben Raven. ALT/ALT Coordinator in Chikuma City
Mr. Naoshi Kurashita Teacher, Yoshida Senior High School
Dr. Yoichi Watari Lecturer, Shizuoka University.

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