Mini-Conference and Teacher Appreciation Barbecue

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Event Speaker: 
Alison Nemoto
Marcos Benevides
Charles Browne
Curtis Kelly
Marc Helgesen & John Wiltshier
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September’s event will be a mini-conference and Teacher Appreciation Barbecue sponsored by our partners at Pearson Japan.

6 speakers will present “under the cherry tree” in an outdoor setting.

  • Alison Nemoto – “Using your 6 senses to learn English”           
  • Marcos Benevides – “Task-based assessment: the key to CLT”
  • Charles Browne – “A Brief Report on NGSL Wordlist Research”
  • Curtis Kelly – “Why Our Brains Love Stories”
  • Marc Helgesen & John Wiltshier – “English Firsthand is active learning: What’s new?”

Barbecue & Garden Party

The mini-conference will be followed by the annual and legendary "Teacher Appreciation Pig Roast BBQ & Garden Party," supported by Pearson Japan, hosted by the English Firsthand authors and backed up by some yet-to-be-decided pigs and birds. English Firsthand co-author Marc Helgesen and JALT Sendai President Cory Koby take the art of barbecue VERY seriously, and visitors from all around Japan are already making plans to come sample their creations. Don’t miss out!

Sendai Teacher Appreciation BBQ Poster
Chomegaoka 2-10-5
Sendai, Miyagi
981-3212 Japan