Psychotherapy and Communication + Prepping for Study Abroad

Saturday, January 20, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Event Speaker: 
Eric Des Marais, Chris Creighton
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500 yen

Eric Des Marais
Learning to Communicate: Approaches from the Field of Psychotherapy
Like foreign language education, the field of psychotherapy recognizes the importance of communicative processes. By examining communication from the perspective of a different profession, it is possible to gain new insights into how to help students develop their communicative abilities. This presentation will broaden language teachers’ perspective on communicative practices through an examination of psychotherapeutic approaches to communication. Three points will be addressed: 1) An examination of how psychotherapists approach learning and communication; 2) Practical examples of techniques from psychotherapy that might be useful in a language learning classroom; 3) A discussion of ethical considerations from the perspective of psychotherapy for language teachers interested in discussing difficult topics or engaging in psychosocial activities in a classroom setting.

Chris Creighton
Training High School Students to Prepare for Overseas Study Trips
The expectations for overseas English study trips by high school students are often very low or unrealistic. The expectation by providers is that exposure to English and English culture will benefit students but in unexplained ways. Having planned, organised, carried out, and assessed an overseas study trip by 14 Japanese high school students, the presenter will share his observations.

Venue Address: 
Notre Dame Seishin University
630ND Tower Building
Okayama, Okayama
700-0013 Japan