2016 December JALT Meeting

JALT Group: 
Event Speaker: 
David Barker
Mutsumi Kawasaki
Fee for JALT members: 
Free (for students as well)
Fee for non-JALT members: 
1,000 yen
Contact or Queries: 
Saturday, December 17, 2016 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

How I learned English. / どうやって私が日本語を勉強したか。

In this bilingual session, David Barker will explain in Japanese how he went about the task of learning the language, and what he discovered about language learning on the journey. Mutsumi Kawasaki will explain in English how she overcame her initial negative feelings about the language and how she managed to reach a high level of proficiency without the experience of studying abroad. The presenters hope that the session will be of interest to learners and teachers of both languages.



Don't forget to RSVP Jason Lowes for the bonenkai by December 12!
It will be at Gran China (Credo Bldg, 20th flr) starting at 6:00pm.
Costs are ¥3,347 (men), ¥3,023 (women), ¥2,158 (non-alcohol m/w)
NOTE: These prices are low, but tricky. Please bring exact change, or prepare to round up to the nearest ¥100. Thanks for your understanding.