Okayama JALT- January Meeting

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Chad Godfrey
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1,000 yen
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Saturday, January 9, 2016 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

TITLE: CLIL in a Japanese EFL classroom: what is it and how to make it work?

NAME: Chad L. Godfrey

AFFILIATION: Saitama Medical University, Moroyama, Saitama JAPAN

EMAIL: chad@saitama-med.ac.jp

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a teaching approach that is gaining more attention in language classrooms in Japan. Although more popular in Europe, CLIL practices are being adapted in EFL classrooms in Japan by both native and Japanese teachers with positive results. This includes Saitama Medical University. Six years ago, SMU performed a needs analysis of Japanese students’ English learning, and in response introduced CLIL as a means to close the gaps between their professional needs and their desired classroom instruction.

With this workshop, I will introduce the basics of Content and Language Integrated Learning by first sharing a working definition of CLIL, it’s pros and cons, and later a brief review of the CLIL research carried out at SMU. In addition to this, I will also share several activities I have used with first-year Japanese students to help produce better language output. Both my successes in implementing these activities in a CLIL classroom, along with some failures that ran counter to some students’ leaning styles, will be offered. The second part of the workshop will focus more on “hands-on” planning, with attendees creating their own CLIL unit following a step-by-step lesson procedure. I believe that attendees from any EFL background can benefit from this CLIL workshop, and will be able to apply what they have learned in their own teaching classrooms.

OUTLINE: Through this 2-hour workshop, I wish to focus on CLIL and its applications in the EFL classroom. In part one, attendees will be introduced to:

(1) What is CLIL?
(2) What are the pros and cons of using CLIL?
(3) How CLIL approaches have been utilized over 6-years at SMU and their impact on learning content and English skills
(4) Practical activities for enhancing input and output in the EFL classroom

With part 2, attendees will:
(1) Create a simple team unit using CLIL 4Cs (Content, Cognition, Communication and Culture)
(2) Share their lesson ideas with other workshop members.