Using Facebook to enhance motivation

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Chris Madden
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Y500. First timers - Free
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Sunday, July 9, 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Workshop 1 - Using Facebook to enhance motivation
Chris will show the ongoing results of his research project utilizing a “Secret” Facebook group where students upload numerous speaking videos. He will show you how to create a secret group, and suggest numerous activities for how you can use it to increase your students’ talking time, listening time, English writing and even motivation, all outside the classroom.

Workshop 2 - Two videos that could Change the Way you Teach and Live: Back to Boot C.A.M.P.
Chris will show two YouTube videos, both potential life-changers. In the first, Steve Jobs talks about collaboration, and can be used with any level university student. Chris will share his worksheet with cloze, discussion questions, and writing homework. The second, “Drive” by Dan Pink, regards motivation, and with the worksheet can be used with higher level students (upper-intermediate, CEFR B2, TOEIC 550+). In it, Pink proves through two social experiments that external incentives hamper cognitive performance (think extrinsic motivation, tests, etc.). Then he outlines the three vital factors necessary for motivation in all of our lives; autonomy, mastery and purpose.