"Challenges and Opportunities in Bringing English Education into Japanese Classrooms”

Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 2:15pm
Event Speaker: 
Fuyuko Takita, M.B.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Hiroshima University
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How do cultural attributes influence the way we teach and learn in a cross-cultural interaction?  How do conflicts arise based on our cultural differences in our classrooms?  This second lecture will provide audience with knowledge of cross-cultural communication techniques and skills with communicators from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  In order to better manage and prevent conflicts or situations that occur in our classrooms, this lecture will allow participants to be familiar and be aware of how conflicts arise and why it is important to be able to identify and resolve them before getting out of control.  Without understanding the different communication styles across cultures, it could damage our relationship, the work environment and the quality of our teaching and students’ learning.  The lecturer’s research findings will also be reviewed and shared to highlight the pedagogical implications that can be used in Japanese classrooms.    


Fuyuko Takita, M.B.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Hiroshima University, holds an MS in Japanese Business Studies, an MBA in International Management, and a PhD in International Studies (Sociolinguistics).  She is a full-time associate professor at Hiroshima University, teaching students and undertaking research on intercultural communication and cross-cultural negotiation.  She has been teaching for more than twenty years and has presented her research findings both in Japan and overseas. Fuyuko is a co-author of published textbooks titled, Global Issues towards Peace (2014) and Global Messages from Nobel Peace Laureates (2017).



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3 Bunkyo-cho
Matsuyama, Ehime
790-8577 Japan