1) Two Thinking Routines for the EFL Classroom; 2) Reading-while-listening: live spoken reading versus recorded reading

Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 2:15pm
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1) Glenn Magee, Ehime University; 2) Danielle Kurihara, Ehime University
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1,000 yen
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1) Creating a positive, thoughtful, and engaged classroom culture is the work of language teachers. Experienced teachers provide frameworks of thinking from the outside that help students pay attention to the way they think on the inside. Drawing on my own experience, this presentation will foreground two practical routines: “Think-Pair-Share”, and “What makes you say that?” that promote thinking as a framework for learning, rather than simply teaching students to think. The benefits of these routines address wider classroom goals such as engagement, uncovering thinking, and learner autonomy within the context of the classroom.

Glenn Magee is an assistant professor at Ehime University. His research interests are metacognition and reading strategies as part of a broader interest in differentiated instruction through the use of thinking routines in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom in order to facilitate cultures of inquiry based learning.

2) Recent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of reading-while-listening (RwL), as opposed to reading alone, to enhance text comprehension (as well as listening fluency), especially for low-level learners who read slowly and have trouble decoding the words of a text. However, questions arise over which kind of input is most effective: a pre-recorded reading of the text or a live spoken reading by the teacher? In a joint study conducted concurrently at Tokushima University and at Ehime University, students were asked to compare the perceived usefulness of pre-recorded audio-assisted reading with that of live-performance readings by the instructor. Before discussing the results of the study, the JALT audience will participate in a live performance demonstration of a reading-while listening activity.

Danielle Kurihara is an assistant professor at Ehime University. Her research interests are teaching speech acts through movies, pedagogy, and biculturality.

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3 Bunkyo-cho
Matsuyama, Ehime
790-8577 Japan