How to Devise EFL Teaching Methods from L1 Interaction Data: A Cross-genre Analysis of Topic Management through Overlaps

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 2:15pm to 4:30pm
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Lala Takeda, Tokyo Denki University
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1,000 yen
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This study investigates topic management through overlaps in teacher-student interactions in English and Japanese topic-based dialogues and task-based dialogues. It aims to elucidate how much functional differences in overlaps affect topic management between the two genres in each language. The presenter will analyze data and discuss what kinds of teaching materials should be provided for EFL interactions when considering intercultural communicative competence. This presentation aims to contribute to helping students communicate effectively with others in their first and second languages and to help teachers instruct students more effectively in communication not only from cross-linguistic perspectives but from cross-genre perspectives.

Lala Takeda is a lecturer of English at Tokyo Denki University. Her research interests include interactional sociolinguistics, particularly cross-linguistic studies of conversations in English and Japanese, and its application to language education. Her current focus is the cross-genre study of topic management through overlaps to provide materials for EFL interactions.

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