Preparing for the global marketplace: How can we best prepare our learners?

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Richmond Stroupe
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1,000 yen (500 yen for students)
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Monday, April 24, 2017 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

There will be an open mic session after the presentation.

In the 21st century, prospective employers of our graduates are no
longer satisfied with solely higher levels of English language
proficiency, but also require additional skills that shape a
well-rounded global citizen. As part of the global community, our
learners will be required to be autonomous and confident and be able
to think critically. In addition, our learners need to be able to
effectively manage large amounts of information, use technology
efficiently, understand the cultural perspectives of others, and work
collaboratively and in leadership positions. All of these skills need
to be incorporated into language programs that increasingly are
providing content through English medium instruction, increasing the
expectations placed on students and instructors alike. This workshop
will provide opportunities for teachers to discuss the obstacles they
face when trying to support learners as they develop these skills, and
to discuss effective approaches to overcoming these obstacles.
Participants in this workshop will also have the opportunity to
discuss specific strategies and effective suggestions that teachers
can use on a daily basis within any curriculum with students at any
level to help them achieve the skills necessary for success within the
global community.


Richmond Stroupe is the current Chair of the International Language
Education: TESOL Graduate Program at Soka University in Tokyo, Japan.
He has worked with university and professional language-learners from
Asia since 1989, and his academic interests include curriculum
development, teacher training and professional development, and
enhancing learners’ critical thinking skills.