Writing for Fluency or Accuracy—A Catch 22? / Instruction-giving: Effective Procedural Instructions

JALT Group: 
Event Speaker: 
Andy Boon
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1,000 yen (first time free)
Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

1.Writing for Fluency or Accuracy—A Catch 22? Often in an EFL writing class, we face a catch-22 situation. If students focus on accuracy, they may write very little. If they focus on fluency, they may write a lot, but with many mistakes. This presentation will describe a new writing coursebook that blends extensive writing and noticing tasks to encourage students to get writing first and focus on accuracy later. It will also provide a number of practical activities for the writing classroom.

2. Instruction-giving: Effective Procedural Instructions Providing students with effective procedural instructions is important for facilitating understanding and encouraging successful learning outcomes in our classes. This presentation examines the communication process between teacher and students during instruction-giving and describes a number of classroom instances where miscommunication took place. After analyzing the nature of these misunderstandings, different methods of issuing task directions in lessons are suggested.