Developing a Personal Approach to Educational Research

Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Event Speaker: 
Denise A. Epp (Daiichi University of Pharmacy)
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1,000 yen

Do you cringe at the thought of having to do educational research for your job? Does it seem to be unattainable or impossible? Are you just plain exhausted or unmotivated? Or do you find it a nice distraction from your regular teaching schedule? I found myself feeling all these things at some point while teaching here in Japan over the past 20 plus years. Without a challenge or clear goal, it was easy to lose interest and motivation in teaching, and then facing burnout in the elementary/junior high level, I had to make some changes. I was eventually transferred into the tertiary level, but the threat of being thrown back into compulsory education led me to jump head first into a PhD program at Kyushu University. This move led to a whole different world of unexpected! I will walk you through the process I used to do develop research within my teaching, and hope you will join me in sharing your experiences and goals as we talk about developing approaches to attainable educational research, regardless of the level you teach. Yes, all levels!

The venue is in Tenjin at the Kurume University Satellite Campus in the ELGALA building, next to Daimaru, near Tenjin Minami station. Use the south-east "Office" entrance across from Freshness Burger to access the 6th floor; please check this map for details.

Dr. Denise A. Epp is presently teaching first and fourth-year English classes at Daiichi University of Pharmacy, and recently completed her PhD in Clinical Pharmacy at Kyushu University. She was an elementary school teacher in Canada before coming to Japan and continued to teach as an elementary school teacher in the public and private sector. After teaching elementary and junior high in Japanese compulsory education for 15 years, she moved into the tertiary level first at the economics university and then to the pharmacy university with the same company. Encouraged to research in pharmacy education, she began with observing pharmacist behaviors in Japan and overseas for patient education, particularly with diabetes, and then moved into the educational side of pre-clerkship communication training at the university. Her interest also includes disaster management pharmacy and studying the pharmacist activities before, during, and after a disaster. She continues to teach once a week at the company's kindergarten.

Denise Epp
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中央区天神1-4-2 エルガーラオフィス6階
福岡市, Fukuoka
810-0001 Japan