Techniques for Teaching Debate in University EFL Classes (Workshop)

Monday, November 27, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Event Speaker: 
Sean Burgoine
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1000 yen
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Although many Japanese students can be hesitant to express opinions on societal issues in more open-ended conversational formats, the formalized structure of a debate lends itself well to the Japanese EFL classroom when students are given time to prepare and practice a structured ‘turn taking’ style of English communication. Based on logical expression of ideas and support for argumentation, preparing for and conducting debates in a second language helps students to develop techniques to express themselves with greater confidence in the L2. In this workshop, I will encourage teachers to add debate to their English communication classes by first sharing a number of useful activities in preparing university EFL students for debate, and demonstrating how debate can be used in classes with large numbers. While this workshop is designed for a university teaching context, with slight variations in approach the materials I will share can also be adapted for secondary school English classes.

Venue Address: 
2-5-1 Akebono-cho
Kochi City, Kochi
7808520 Japan