Unvetted Conference Submissions

This is the form to use for making UNVETTED presentation proposal submissions for the JALT2018 conference. Please use for the following situations ONLY:

  • JALT AMs submitting presentations for guaranteed slots
  • Chapter, SIG, or JALT-sponsored presentations
  • SIG AGMs or JALT business and officer meetings
  • Submissions made as part of JALT International and Domestic Affiliate agreements

If you are unsure whether or not your presentation is unvetted, chances are it is not. Use the vetted form for all submissions that do not fit into the categories above. If you are not sure, contact the conference team: https://jalt.org/contact.

Before filling out this form please ensure you have read the Call for Presentation Proposals. Submissions deviating from the guidelines will not be considered.

All contact and presenter details IN ENGLISH please. Fields marked with * are required.


  • Note that for the automated word limits when making your submission, hyphenated words and words separated by slashes are NOT counted as one word, but rather as the actual number of words written. This is different to how Microsoft Word calculates word counts, so if you have prepared your submission in MS Word, you may have a lower word count than what this webform calculates. This may result in some summaries or titles being over the word limit. Please be careful of this point.
  • Punctuation marks such as apostrophes and quotation marks may be counted as a single word when copying and pasting from Microsoft Word documents. To avoid this happening, save your summary as a plain text file first, and then use this to copy into the webform text boxes.

Submission Deadline: 11:59pm, Japan Standard Time, Monday, May 21st, 2018

Sponsoring Organization

• Required: All unvetted presentations must have a sponsor. If you are making an associate member submission, enter your organization's name. If you are making a chapter or SIG-sponsored submission, enter your chapter or SIG name. If you are an international or domestic affiliate, enter the affiliate name. For any other submissions, you must be authorized by JALT to submit an unvetted presentation—if so, enter JALT as the sponsor. If you are not sure of your sponsor, contact the Director of Program.

Sponsoring Organization Type *

  • If you are an AM and have been given this presentation by JALT (e.g. Featured Speaker or unvetted) and have entered the organization name above: Select "AM-sponsored"
  • If you are entering this Presentation, Forum, or AGM for a SIG or a Chapter and have entered the SIG name or Chapter name above: Select "SIG or Chapter-sponsored"
  • If you have been given this presentation by JALT and have entered the JALT sponsoring entity above (Research Grants, Publication Board, JALT National, JALT Plenary): Select "JALT-sponsored"
  • If you have been given this presentation through a partnership agreement with JALT (domestic or international): Select "International Affiliate" or "Domestic Affiliate"
  • If you are presenting as part of the Graduate Students Showcase, select GSS and include your school name

Note: If you do not fit into one of the categories below, you should submit a vetted proposal. Deadline for vetted proposals: Monday, February 12th, 2018.

Contact Information

• As the contact person, you will receive all correspondence relating to the submission and conference.

Important: The contact person is not automatically included as a presenter. If you are presenting, be sure to list yourself in the presenter details section.

• Indicate if you are a JALT member, your membership number, and chapter. Your membership number can be found on the mailing label of the envelope The Language Teacher is posted in. Leave this blank if you do not know your number.

Presenter Details

• Presenter(s): List all presenters below. Order names as you wish them to appear in a publication, moderator first if there is one.

  • In proposing paper presentations, we suggest that you include no more than three individuals from any single institution.
  • If you, as contact person, are also presenting, be sure to include your details here.
  • Do not include names of people who will not be attending the conference.

• If there are additional presenters to those listed above, enter them here in the format:
Family Name; First Name; Professional Affiliation; JALT Member? (Y/N); Membership Number (if known)
[e.g., Suzuki; Taro; Tokyo University; Y; 1234].
One presenter per line; Don't forget the semi-colons to separate each value.

• To facilitate easier communication between presenters and attendees we will be listing contact email addresses for presenters in the conference handbook. If you would like an email address included with the other presentation details, please enter the address here. Note: One address only.

• If there are any days you cannot attend and present, please indicate below. While we will try and accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee presentations on specific days. Presenters who are unable to attend on specific days may need to be placed on the presenter waiting list and will be scheduled if and when a presentation slot becomes available.

Presentation Information

• Is this a submission from a JALT associate member?

• Will this presentation promote currently or soon-to-be commercially produced materials?

• The maximum length of the title is 50 characters including spaces.
All titles must be in English.

• Presentations at the conference will be organized according to the interest areas below. Indicate BOTH (A) which learning or teaching context you are targeting AND (B) which content area you feel your presentation best fits.
Note that all Teaching Children context submissions, if accepted, will be scheduled as part of the JALT Junior section of the conference.

Note for SIGs regarding formats

  • In the past SIGs have been allocated 45 minutes for SIG AGMs and 90 minutes for SIG Forums. You still have this option, and if you want it please put in a separate submission for the AGM and the 90-minute Forum.
  • If you would like to reduce the length of your Forum to 60 minutes, please choose that option when submitting.
  • If you want to combine your SIG AGM and Forum into one 90-minute time slot, only one application needs to be made.

• Enter the main languages in which you will present

• The short summary will be used in the conference program (maximum of 75 words or 150 Japanese characters).

  • Each room will be equipped with tables and chairs and a digital projector (for computer display). You MUST bring your own computer. JALT will NOT provide computers.

Any other equipment, including computers, speakers, and any special adapters, must be provided by you. Please note we cannot supply computers.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee Internet access in any of the presentation rooms.

Comments / Questions

Please check your submission carefully. If everything looks correct, click the "submit" button below. It make take a few seconds to send your submission; don't click multiple times.

  • After making your submission, check there are no error messages at the top of this page
  • Once your submission has been successfully sent, you'll receive a confirmation email message. This usually arrives within seconds, but may take up to a few minutes.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation message check your spam folder. If you cannot find the message, please contact us ASAP