JALT2018 Presentation Proposal Submissions


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This is the form to use for vetted presentation proposal submissions for the JALT2018 conference.

Before filling out this form please ensure you have read the Call for Presentation Proposals: https://jalt.org/conference/call-proposals.
All contact and presenter details IN ENGLISH please.

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  • Note that for the automated word limits when making your submission, hyphenated words and words separated by slashes are NOT counted as one word, but rather as the actual number of words written. This is different to how Microsoft Word calculates word counts, so if you have prepared your submission in MS Word, you may have a lower word count than what this webform calculates. This may result in some abstracts or summaries or titles being over the word limit. Please be careful of this point.
  • Punctuation marks such as apostrophes and quotation marks may be counted as a single word when copying and pasting from Microsoft Word documents. To avoid this happening, save your summary and abstract as a plain text file first, and then use this to copy into the webform text boxes.

The deadline for vetted proposals is 11:59pm, Japan Standard Time, Monday, February 12th, 2018