Scholarship for JALT2018

JALT wants to provide opportunities for JALT members who would like to present at our International Conference but are unable to due to a lack of financial support, so the JALT2018 Conference Team is offering three fee-waiver scholarships. Each year, many of our presenters are able to attend because they receive financial support from their employer or are eligible for external grants. If you are a JALT member who does not receive any financial assistance from any source and would like to attend JALT2018 as a presenter, then you may be eligible to apply for one of our fee-waiver scholarships.

Scholarship Details:

Free entry to the main conference from November 24th to 26th, 2018. This includes entry to our Welcome Reception on November 23rd and our Best of JALT Event on November 24th. This scholarship is not for Technology in Teaching presenters and does not include entry into the Technology in Teaching Workshops (held November 23rd).


  1. You must not have access to funding from any external source (external to JALT, such as a research budget from your employer) that could be used to cover conference fees. We rely on your honesty for this.
  2. You must be a JALT member at the time of the application through to at least the final day of JALT2018.
  3. You must not have presented at an International JALT Conference in the past.
  4. You must have your presentation accepted through one of three systems.
    1. Our regular vetting system (ie submit your presentation application for vetting by February 12th, 2018). Only those whose presentations are accepted during the first round of acceptances are eligible for this scholarship through this option. Presentation applications can be made here:
    2. An unvetted application through the JALT Chapters First-time Presenters Program. Applications are due on May 21st, 2018. Please contact your Chapter President to find out if your Chapter is willing to support your application and submit with the help of your Chapter President.
    3. An unvetted application as part of a SIG Forum. Applications are due on February 12th, 2018. Please contact your SIG Coordinator to find out if you can be involved in your SIG’s Forum.

You must submit a scholarship application by May 31st. Applications can be made here: Note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Application Sections:

  • Full name
  • JALT membership number
  • Email address
  • Employment in the last five years (check all that apply): Kindergarten and below/elementary school/junior high school/high school/university/adult education (outside of university)/other (please specify).
  • JALT wants to provide opportunities for JALT members who would like to present at our International Conference but are unable to due to a lack of financial support. In 150-200 words, please tell us a little about your background and how the fee waiver scholarship would help you. Note: You may like to approach your JALT SIG or Chapter for funding as some groups have grants available that could help with transportation and accommodation.
  • In 150-200 words, please tell us what you would contribute to JALT2018 and what you would gain from attending.

Although recipients will still need to cover their travel and accommodation, we hope this will help reduce financial barriers that would otherwise prevent the three recipients from sharing their work. An internal vetting committee will determine who receives the scholarships and their names will be announced on the JALT2018 website by the end of June. We wish you good luck with your application.