Conference Registration

Online Registration has now closed, however you can still register onsite during the conference.

JALT Member

Days Registering Onsite Registration
Main conference 1 day (26, 27, or 28 Nov) ¥14,000
Main conference Full (26-28 Nov) ¥21,000
JALT Junior (26-27 Nov)* ¥5,000 per day
TnT Workshop (25 Nov)** ¥3,000

Non-JALT Member

Days Registering Onsite Registration
Main conference 1 day (26, 27, or 28 Nov) ¥21,000
Main conference Full (26-28 Nov) ¥28,000
JALT Junior (26-27 Nov)* ¥7,000 per day
TnT Workshop (25 Nov)** ¥4,000
  • *JALT Junior is a satellite conference that focuses on teaching children and training teachers to teach children.
  • **Technology in Teaching (TnT) Workshops provide opportunities for participants to develop the technology side of their teaching skills through a series of practical, hands-on workshops, led by experts in technology in language teaching.
  • Discount details for regular attendees

    • If you pay your conference registration fees by the 2016 preregistration deadline, you qualify for the lower preregistration rates.
    • If your JALT membership is valid through 30 Nov 2016, you are entitled to member rates—even if you pay for your membership at the same time as registration.

    Discount for senior members of JALT

    If you will be 65 on or before 25 November, you are eligible for a senior discount.

    Days Registering Preregistration
    Main conference 1 day (26, 27, 28 Nov) ¥6,000
    Main conference Full (26-28 Nov) ¥10,000

    The discount system works as follows:

  1. Download the Discount for Seniors Application Form (PDF format), fill out the required information, and then email or fax the completed form to the JALT Central Office. Email: fax: 03-3837-1631 (international: +81-3-3837-1631)
  2. Please show your ID that has your date of birth on it when you pay the conference fee at the on-site registration desk.

Discount for Full-time students

If you wish to apply for the full-time student discount option:

  • On the JALT2016 online registration checkout form, please indicate in the comments section at the bottom of the form that you have full-time university or graduate students who would like to attend JALT2016 at a discount.
  • Download, complete, and send the attached PDF to JALT (refer to the registration information page for full details).

How to Register

Preregistration is the cheapest and most efficient way to guarantee a good start to the conference. Please do take advantage of the lower preregistration rates and register before the 2016 deadline (4 Oct for presenters). After your application for preregistration is processed, a Preregistration Acknowledgement will be emailed to you. Please print out your acknowledgement and bring it to the conference site to exchange for your name tag and conference bag. If you have not received your acknowledgement by 14 Nov, please contact the JALT Central Office.

On-site registration will be offered at the conference site from 25 Nov, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM, and throughout the remaining days of the conference. VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express will be accepted. Please bring your membership card to register at member rates.

During the conference, volunteer photographers will be taking photographs for JALT editorial, promotional and advertising use: Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.


  1. Preregistration for ordinary participants: Deadline 25 October
    Only applications postmarked or submitted online by the 25 Oct deadline will be accepted for preregistration. No applications postmarked or submitted online on or after 26 Oct will be processed. If any fees are remitted after the deadline, an extra handling charge of 2,000 yen will be charged in addition to the onsite rates.
  2. Preregistration for presenters: Deadline 4 Oct
    Presenters must pay their conference fees and equipment fees by 4 Oct, postmarked or online. Failure to do so will result in their presentations being canceled.
  3. Conference registration acknowledgement by email
    After your application to preregister is processed, a Preregistration Acknowledgement will be emailed to you. Print out this email and bring it to the on-site Preregistration Desk. If registering by furikae, be sure to print your email address CLEARLY. No acknowledgement will be issued on paper or be sent by post.
  4. JALT Junior program
    Main conference participants are entitled to attend the JALT Junior program at no extra charge. Participants who register only for the JALT Junior conference are entitled to attend all of the JALT Junior presentations and all of the main conference plenary presentations, but not the other main conference presentations. JALT Junior participants will also receive a conference handbook and a conference bag.
  5. Cancellation
    Cancellations will be acceptable only if received in writing (postal mail or email) by JALT Central Office before the following deadlines, and are subject to the following cancellation charges:
    • By Thursday 10 November 5:00 pm: Cancellation charge 3,000 yen
    • By Thursday 17 November 5:00 pm: Cancellation charge 5,000 yen
    • After the above deadlines: No refund
      No refund will be given for any cancellation received after the second deadline, 17 November.

    Any requests for a refund must be made in writing, using the Cancellation Notice and providing full details, including bank name, branch name, account number and account name. Refund due, less the cancellation charge, will be paid into the registrant’s bank account by bank transfer after the Conference. If your bank information was not provided at the time of cancellation, the refund will be made by postal money order.

  6. Balance due
    On your Preregistration Acknowledgement there will be a note for any balance due. Make payment by postal furikae before the preregistration deadline. You will also receive such a note if your membership expires before 30 Nov 2016. For smoother processing, please pay your membership fee at the time of registration. No Preregistration Acknowledgement will be reissued.
  7. Receipt
    A Receipt bearing the official JALT seal can only be issued onsite. It is advisable to retain any receipt issued by the post office or the printout of your online registration confirmation. You will need to be able to provide proof of payment to support any inquiry to the JALT Central Office regarding any payment or refund.
  8. Travel reservations
    The JALT Central Office will not accept payment for hotel or travel reservations nor will it be responsible for any mistaken payment of these. Please make reservations at your own initiative, or contact our agent, JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.

Updated 4 July 2016