Friday, November 20, 2015 - 9:00am to Sunday, November 23, 2014 - 6:00pm

JALT2015: 41st Annual International Conference on Language
Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition

Friday 20th to Monday 23rd November, 2015

Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center "GRANSHIP"
Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

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Call for Participation – Focus on the Learner

The theme of the conference is an opportunity for participants to reflect on our current knowledge and practices as learners, as teachers of learners and as designers of environments for learning. We would like to invite you, to start (or continue) that process of reflection now to make the conference meaningful for you by pondering upon:

  • How are students approaching learning differently?
  • Where do their motivations come from?
  • What have you learnt as a teacher during and after each class?
  • What are students learning that is not being consciously taught?
  • How do students feel during different stages of the class or learning process?

By reflecting on learners and their learning process, we open up to new ideas, theory, research and practices. Please join us at JALT 2015 to continue this process of reflection and transformation of ourselves as learners and as teachers.

- Conference co-chairs: Kay Irie and Dexter Da Silva

学会参加のご案内:JALT 2015 ~ 学習者に焦点をあてて~

学会参加のご案内:JALT 2015 ~ 学習者に焦点をあてて~

  • 学習者たちの学習に対するアプローチにはどのような違いがありますか?
  • 学習者たちのモチベーションはどこから来ていますか?
  • 教員として、あなた自身、授業中、そして授業後に何を学びましたか?
  • 生徒たちはあなたが意図したこと以外に何を学んだと思いますか?
  • 学生たちは授業や学びのプロセスの各々の段階で何をどう感じていると思いますか?

学習者とその学びのプロセスを改めて見つめることで、新しい考え、理論、研究、そして実践を受け入れることができるのです。そしてJALT 2015で、教員として、学習者としての振り返りと自己変革 のプロセスを分かち合いましょう。

- Conference co-chairs: 入江 恵 ; デクスタ ダ シルバ

Call for Papers (Closed)

Focus on the Learner

Ultimately, language education revolves around the learner and learning. Our teaching philosophies, metaphors, and practices are based on our implicit or explicit theories of learning and learners' characteristics and needs. It is a basic principle, but is often forgotten in our busy day-to-day lives. At JALT’s 41st international conference we will take the opportunity to focus our attention on and to celebrate what we have learned and wish to learn about, with, and as learners. We welcome submissions for innovative presentations that reflect the vast possibilities within and surrounding this topic.

- Conference co-chairs: Kay Irie and Dexter Da Silva

JALT2015: 学習者に焦点をあてて


- Conference co-chairs: 入江 恵 ; デクスタ ダ シルバ


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