Job Information Center

Job Information Center (JIC)

Job Information Center (JIC) is in room 1009. Visit us anytime throughout the entire conference.

The Job Information Center is divided into two areas. The first is connected with The Language Teacher, and posts job listings online at The second area is active at the annual conference, where you can find job postings from across Japan. We serve the needs of both our teacher members/conference participants as well as recruiters from Japan and beyond to find and interview candidates for teaching positions.
Of course, the first thing you will find when you visit the JIC are the job listings, but we will be offering JIC workshops for teachers as well. This year the focus will be on building a Japanese-style rirekisho resume (Sun 21, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm in room 1007), and 10 tips for professional development (Sat 20, 5:45 pm -6:45 pm, room 1004).
Teachers can drop off resumes at the JIC desk job bank folder. Recruiters are welcome to access these files in order to find potential candidates for teaching positions. Once your resume is submitted, it may be reviewed by recruiters and you may be invited to an interview. Things can happen quite quickly at the conference so please check back at the JIC message board.
If you are a job recruiter, the JIC is the ideal place to post jobs, review resumes, and interview job applicants. Every year, we arrange an interview room for on-site job interviews to assist you in finding teaching professionals to match your employment needs.
Feel free to drop by to talk and to browse through the many positions posted on our job boards. To make it easier to identify pertinent listings, all postings will be arranged by region. This year, we will also be including postings from Asia and the Middle East.
Also, check out the national EFL teacher online job survey, and add your voice to those who are helping to describe the state of our profession in Japan. Find it on Facebook, or take the survey at the JIC booth. We look forward to seeing you.