Osaka Chapter

Osaka Chapter aims to actively facilitate and promote the exchange of ideas regarding good practices in language learning and teaching as well as greater cross-cultural understanding by producing and co-sponsoring a wide variety of events in the greater Osaka and Kansai area. If you or your group would like help in producing or promoting an event, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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Title Officer
Treasurer Mehrasa Alizadeh
Publicity Chair Paul Mathieson
Program Chair Robert Sheridan
Membership Chair Naomi Chiba
Program Co-chair Donna Fujimoto
Membership Co-Chair Elisabeth Fernandes
Publicity Co-chair Michael Hollenback
Publications Chair Ryan Smithers
Officer at Large Josh Macpherson
Officer at Large Gerry Yokota
Officer at Large Rebecca Calman
Officer at Large Bertlinde Voegel
Officer at Large Andrew Blaker
Officer at Large Claire Murray
Officer at Large Hana Takatani
Officer at Large Junichi Taguchi
Officer at Large Julia Kimura
Officer at Large Naoko Amano
Officer at Large Jared Wangen
Officer at Large Mark Pileggi
Officer at Large Steve Cornwell
Webmaster / Elections officer Sean Gay
Chapter President Robert Sanderson