Event Report, Nara Chapter October 2016

November 4, 2016 by Nara Chapter

Nara Chapter

Atsushi Mizumoto
Event Date: 
Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mizumoto first got the audience into small groups and asked us about what "strategies" are. This general question gradually led the audience into his talk. He explained important factors for successful learners of SLA, such as age, linguistic affinity between L1 and the target language, language aptitude, motivation, and learning strategies. He emphasized that only learning strategies among the five factors can be taught or introduced in class. His research has shown that there are different strategies all coming into play when a new word is learned. "Discovery strategies" - quessing, dictionary, and social strategies - and "Consolidation strategies" - note-taking, rehearsal, encoding, activation strategies - help a learner acquire the target vocabulary. This process becomes "Metacognitive strategies." Successful vocabulary learners choose to use a wide range of vocabulary learning strategies and use a structured approach to learning vocabulary. Teachers themselves need to know various vocabulary learning strategies, try them out, and reflect on the strategies that work for themselves. Thier experience of learning a foreign language or two may play an important role in teaching vocabulary learning strategies.

Motoko Teraoka

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