Event Report, Nara Chapter February 2017

February 28, 2017 by Nara Chapter

Nara Chapter

Tadashi Izumitani
Carl Eldridge
Ray Santos
Event Date: 
Sunday, February 26, 2017

Izumitani, a first-year junior high school teacher, introduced teaching struggles, specifically with the use of a hybrid PPP (Presentation, Practice, and Production) approach. "Small talk" is used as the threshold of grammar instruction in the presentation stage. This talk aims to draw students' attention to grammatical structures, thus encouraging them to notice basic usage and function. However, time constraint is a common classroom issue. Izumitani indicated that the production stage tends to get reduced, with most time allocated to the first two stages. Eldridge explored the core concepts of English tense, aspect, and modality. A schematic diagram mapping English tenses and aspects looked complicated at first glance, but was revealed as a fresh tool to aid students and teachers in understanding the relationships between tenses and aspects. Similarly, a modality diagram was also well structured. The more exposure to the uses of modal verbs students have, the more clearly they understand the choices in modality in real life situations. Santos used his vast teaching experience to introduce an important message using a small timer; time helps students focus on tasks. Participants in pairs memorized a short dialogue and recited it within a designated short period of time. Additional effective ways to use "time" were further explored among the audience.

Motoko Teraoka

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