Event Report, Kitakyushu Chapter February 2017

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Kitakyushu Chapter

Colin Thompson
Event Date: 
Saturday, February 11, 2017

In his presentation, Colin discussed how practice relates to language acquisition from both a theoretical and research perspective. The first half of the presentation focused on theoretical aspects of practice and how it relates to language skill development. Certain factors of practice that were mentioned included production vs. input based practice, intensive vs. gradual practice, and the amount of repetition. He also discussed issues relating to practice that are currently being researched such as the nature of the practice, how deliberate the practice is, and the transfer effect of acquired skills into tangential domains. For the final half of the presentation, Colin reviewed research that suggests that intensive, concentrated practice may be of greater benefit to lower level learners than more spread out practice in certain learning contexts and that input based practice may yield more positive benefits than purely productive practice.

Zack Robertson

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