Event Report, Ibaraki Chapter June 2016

June 29, 2016 by Ibaraki Chapter

Ibaraki Chapter

Hidenori Kuwabara and Yosuke Ogawa
Tim Cook
Event Date: 
Saturday, June 4, 2016

IBARAKI: June—Applicability of the silent way method: Evaluating in terms of foreign language anxiety and conversation analysis by Hidenori Kuwabara and Yosuke Ogawa. We learned how the Silent Way Method, which had gained popularity 4 decades ago, was discredited and pushed aside with the advent of the Communicative Approach in the 1980s. The presenters demonstrated uses of this method for the teaching of both Japanese and English and their positive feelings about this “outdated” method. Language instruction through cultural participation: The peculiar case of shape notes by Tim Cook. In this presentation, Cook introduced us to shape-note singing, which was invented in the late 1700s to improve congregational singing. Cook suggested the possibility of incorporating shape-note singing as part of the language classroom, for it offers a unique cultural experience as well as an opportunity for language learning.

Naomi Takagi and Martin Pauly


The Asian Conference on Language Learning - http://acll.iafor.org/
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