Event Report, Gunma Chapter May 2017

May 15, 2017 by Gunma Chapter

Gunma Chapter

Jun Harada
David Gann
Kevin Miller
Fuad Olajuwon
Event Date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Revising is Fun
by Jun Harada
Many students often have trouble expressing themselves through writing due to their poor vocabulary and low confidence. One way to overcome this is to be witty and use simple language. Harada showed that Even non-native speakers can excel by exploring many possibilities to express the same message. Attendees were shown the fun aspects of revising writing.

Rescuing a Dying Class: How to Utilize Card Trick Instructional Videos with Supporting Online Language Learning Resources to Develop 4-Skills Competence
by David Gann
Gann showed how a successful single-lesson magic activity became a launchpad for creating an entire toolbox of developed methods and materials for extended student-centered magic-related small-group projects. Attendees of this presentation learned to make use of these materials which are freely accessible to any interested educators at criticallyminded.com.

Correlation between Extensive Reading and Intuitive Grammatical Confidence
by Kevin Miller
This presentation introduced a extensive reading study which utilizes two online learning platforms, X-reading and Error spotter, in order to illuminate any connection between the amount of extensive reading and improvements in learners’ grammatical confidence or accuracy. Preliminary descriptive data showed improvement in grammatical confidence and accuracy over the semester; however, this improvement’s correlation with the extensive reading word count remains to be seen.

English Self-Study: How Interactive Programs Boost Learning Imperatives
by Fuad Olajuwon
Online learning imperatives are an excellent way to supplement English self/study, as well as help educators keep up with their students in terms of frequency of practice. This presentation covered the pros and cons of using such materials as duolingo and clozemaster.

John Larson


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