Critical Thinking SIG

Published: Sun, 07/04/2010 - 6:02pm

Critical thinking in language education involves the creation and assessment of ideas, opinions or beliefs among language learners. Just as important as the teaching of what language to use and how to use it, the teaching of critical thinking reinforces how to think and how to produce such thoughts in a second language.

The Critical Thinking (CT) SIG was established for the purpose of providing a clear but ever-reforming definition of critical thinking; to provide a forum for the discussion of critical thinking and praxis; to provide research opportunities to language educators interested in promoting critical thinking; and to provide an area where language teachers can enjoy friendly, professional and engaging examination of the rationale, validity and, furthermore, the critical importance of its instruction in various environments.

CT SIG publishes a newsletter, CT SCAN, three times a year. The topics of articles range from theoretical issues regarding linguistics and critical thinking to practical TESOL matters and action research concerning critical thinking instruction in ESL classrooms. Our publication helps new writers to gain valuable experience in academic publishing, and our goal is to help all writers with their submissions, providing them with the support and guidance they need to produce quality academic literature for future publishing.

SIG Officers

James Dunn
Stephen Jennings
Wayne Devitte
James Dunn
Hiroshi Nakagawa

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