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For updated information on Tokyo Chapter and events, please click here to access our website.

Tokyo JALT hosts events at NYU School of Professional Studies American Language Institute Tokyo Center, in central Tokyo.

Upcoming events are posted to the JALT Events Calendar, which can be found by clicking here.

An archive of some of our past events can be found by clicking here. Events are generally held every other month during the academic year and include featured speakers from our own chapter and around the world. If you have ideas or requests for speakers or events, please send an email to our Program Chair at

A typical event: "Assessment without Evaluation: A Way Out of the Grammar-Feedback Dilemma" by Prof. Paul Kei Matsuda (Arizona State University), at Sophia University on June 12, 2012. See our events archive listing for more information.

Prof. Paul Kei Matsuda Prof. Paul Kei Matsuda

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Our current officers are: Lina Valdivia (President), Matthew Kocourek (Program), Sayaka Amano (Publicity), Bence Tamas(Co-Publicity), Dan Ferreira(Membership), Darla Cornett (Treasurer), Eucharia Donnery (Editor), Rab Paterson (Social Media),Jim McKinley (Officer Emeritus)

Chapter Officers

Dawn Lucovich
Ken Ohashi
Matthew Kocourek
Darla Cornett

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Upcoming Events

Charles Browne
Friday, 26 May 2017 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Tokyo JALT & the Vocabulary SIG Present: Dr. Charles Browne
Join us for an event that should be of great interest to any teacher, an event about vocabulary lists and tools to use them.

Please RSVP:

Title: High Frequency Vocabulary Lists & the Free Online Tools to Exploit Them

Abstract: This presentation will introduce four free corpus-derived word lists that the presenter helped to create as well as demonstrate a large number of free online tools and resources for helping to use these lists for teaching, learning, materials creation as well as research and analysis.

The New General Service List (NGSL) is a list of core vocabulary words for EFL learners and is a major update of West's (1953) GSL. Based on a carefully selected 273 million word sample from the Cambridge English corpus, the 2800+ words of the NGSL offer between 90-92% coverage of most texts of general English. The New Academic Word List (NAWL) is derived from a 288 million word corpus of academic textbooks, lectures and texts from a wide range of sources. When combined with the NGSL, the NAWL's 960+ core academic words provide approximately 92% coverage for most academic texts. The TOEIC Service List (TSL) is a brand new corpus-derived list of words which occur frequently on TOEIC exams. When combined with the NGSL, the TSL’s 1000 word provide an astonishing 99% coverage of words that occur on TOEIC exams and TOEIC test-preparation materials. The Business English List (BSL) is based on a corpus of 64 million words of business texts, newspapers, journals and websites and when combined with the NGSL, the BSL’s 1700 words provides approximately 97% coverage of most general business texts.

This interactive workshop will give a brief background on how the four lists were developed and then move on to introduce and demonstrate the large and growing number of free online tools we’ve developed (or helped to develop) for these lists such as interactive flashcards, diagnostic tests, games, vocabulary profiling, text creation tools, and more.

Bio: Dr. Browne is Professor of Applied Linguistics & TESOL and Head of the EFL Teacher-Training Program at Meiji Gakuin University. He is a specialist in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition and Extensive Reading, especially as they apply to online learning environments, and has written dozens of research articles, books, and textbooks over his 30 years in Japan. In addition to his recent work in creating several important new corpus-based word lists for second language learners known as the New General Service List (NGSL), the New Academic Word List (NAWL), TOEIC Service List (TSL) and Business Service List (BSL) and a wide range of free online tools to teach, learn and create texts based on these lists, he has also developed several research-based language learning and analysis tools including ER and EL-focused websites such as the OGTE (Online Graded Text Editor), ER-Central, EnglishCentral, etc, and works hard to share this knowledge with teachers, authors, students and researchers through countless presentations, seminars and hand-on workshops around the world.

Member Presentations
Sunday, 2 July 2017 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Tokyo JALT and the Teaching Younger Learners Present:

A K-12 workshop featuring presentations by teachers about teaching
Date: July 2nd, 2017 13:00-17:00
Location: Tokiwamatsu Gakuen, Himonya 4-17-16
Access: Toritsudaigaku Stn (Toyoko/Hibiya/Fukutoshin Lines)
Fee: Free for JALT and Tokyo JALT members, 1,000 yen for non-members
Facebook Event:

Interested in hearing about other teachers' recent successes? Interested in sharing your own? Just want to have a fun time with other teachers?

TYL SIG and Tokyo JALT believe that we can all learn from each other and have fun doing it. These events are for just that.

If you are interested in presenting:

More information forthcoming, so stay tuned!
For more information, please contact:


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