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Published: Sat, 12/06/2008 - 9:45am

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Okinawa JALT has two main purposes: professional development for language teachers and promoting language education in the community. Our events feature world-renowned scholars as well as local language professionals. We hold workshops to help our members with practical teaching needs. We also provide opportunities for our members to make presentations and publish research. By working together as a dedicated community of professionals, we can share ideas and improve the quality of our teaching.

Workshops and presentations are generally held every other month at local university venues. We also offer "Flex Events" for those wishing to organize their own workshops or conferences. For additional information, please check our WEBSITE or look for us on FACEBOOK.
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We now offer an on-demand system for creating your own customized conference.
Just tell us the date, time, and give us 3 months' notification.
Bring 10 or more people to the conference, and we will do everything else.

Let us know a theme/date, and we'll do the rest (reserving the facilities, and promoting/organizing the event).
1. Decide on a date/theme
2. Bring 10+ JALT members
3. Give us 3 months' notification

For more information about FLEX Events, please visit our WEBSITE.
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Information about Okinawa

Chapter Officers

George MacLean
Grant Osterman
Justin Foster-Sutherland
Nadine Richard
James Higa

Joining or renewing membership

You can easily join JALT or renew your JALT membership online.


JALT membership offers numerous benefits including: Member-rate admission to JALT conferences such as the annual JALT international conference; free or member-rate admission to JALT Chapter and SIG meetings and events; access to the latest JALT Publications, and more »

Upcoming Events

Pr. Tamotsu Fujita (藤田 保) - Sophia University (上智大学)
Ryutaro Sugiyama (COO) / Christian Albert (Engineer)- LoiLo Inc.
Nadine Richard, Mari Arjona Toledo - Okinawa AMICUS International
Sunday, 10 September 2017 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Okinawa AMICUS International will host an all-day event organized with OkiJALT, the Okinawan JALT chapter. We want to gather participants who usually don’t meet!
This event will be the place to share ideas and good practices when trying to develop language skills in Japan, especially in immersion or bilingual environments. In order to offer a diversity of perspectives, presentations and discussions will be in English and/or Japanese.
Our primary goal is to gather teachers from Japanese and international schools in Okinawa, from preschool to high-school, as well as researchers and language teachers. Participants from outside Okinawa are also welcome.
Teachers and researchers involved in language teaching and learning are encouraged to submit an abstract to present a poster, make a short presentation, or facilitate a workshop.

沖縄アミークスインターナショナルとJALT沖縄が共同開催で実施するイベントについてご案内いたします。 日頃このような機会に参加できない方々のお越しをお待ちしております。

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