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Gunma JALT hosts events at various universities in Maebashi. Events are generally held every month except March and December and include featured speakers from our own chapter and around the world. We also have a wonderful 2-day workshop summer workshop in Kusatsu.

Upcoming events are posted to the JALT Events Calendar, which can be found by clicking here.

An archive of some of our past events can be found by clicking here.  If you have ideas or requests for speakers or events, please send an email to our Program Chair at

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Our current officers are: John Larson, Sylvain Bergeron, Joël Laurier, Michele Steele, Harry Meyer, Raymond Hoogenboom, Barry Keith, Lori-Ann Desrosiers, Yoko Miyazaki, Renee Sawazaki, Hideto Harashima and Kayvon Havaei-Ahary. For contact information, please click here.

Chapter Officers

Raymond Hoogenboom
Mark Deadman
Joël Laurier
Stephen Howes
Sylvain Bergeron

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Upcoming Events

Richard Sampson
Sunday, 22 January 2017 - 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Whatever our teaching context, as practitioners we often consider it our own task to “motivate” students. Cookbooks of “motivational strategies” for teachers abound, propounding the idea that motivation in the classroom is, in large part, down to the teacher.

This workshop will introduce participants to a more complex view of motivation that places agentic individuals – students and teachers – and interactions – with others in the class group, with opportunities afforded, with ideas – at the centre of classroom motivational processes. The session will begin with a brief outline of two currently prevalent motivation theories and one scientific theory which will be drawn on throughout: Self Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 2002), The L2 Motivational Self System (Dörnyei, 2009), and Complex Systems Theory. The majority of the session will then be turned over to allowing participants to take part in a number of classroom activities that encourage students and teachers to explore their own motivation and share ideas across their class group. Activities will include those intended to encourage realization of a more communicative approach to learning, explore messages and expectations from society about English, share ideas about classroom and future English use, and co-adapt motivation through collaborative activities and projects. The presenter will also occasionally refer to some of the reflections and realizations emergent from students in his past learning groups through undertaking these activities.


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