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Published: Sun, 12/14/2008 - 3:38pm

Fukuoka JALT usually holds meetings on Saturday evenings in Fukuoka city, often in Tenjin. Our meetings are often followed by a social dinner at a nearby restaurant. These after-meeting dinners usually require a reservation. Non-JALT members are welcome to join our after-meeting socials!

Our website is fukuokajalt.org. We're also on Facebook.

We hold an election for our core group of officers each year before the annual JALT conference, so it's usually in October or November. Any Fukuoka JALT chapter member is welcome to run for any of these five offices, regardless of whether or not the current officer plans on stepping down or not. If you wish to run for office, please let us know around September, because if there are more than one candidate for an office, we hold a full election with ballots mailed to each member of our chapter, so that takes some time to plan. However, if no office has more than one candidate, we simply approve the officers by a show of hands at our meeting held prior to the conference.

  • President: Bill Pellowe
  • Membership Chair: Dominic Marini
  • Program Chair: J. Lake
  • Publicity Chair: Steve Paton
  • Treasurer: Tim Pritchard

Other Fukuoka JALT Chapter Officers are:

  • Webmaster: Steve Paton
  • Shadow Treasurer: Andrew Quentin
  • Shadow Membership Chair: Soren Leaver
  • Officer-At-Large: Trevor Holster
  • Officer-At-Large: Aaron Hahn (past membership chair)
  • Social Chair: Miho Tani
  • Elections Officer: Darcy de Lint

Chapter Officers

Bill Pellowe
Dominic Marini
J. Lake
Steve Paton
Tim Pritchard

Joining or renewing membership

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Upcoming Events

Paul Raine
Sunday, 28 May 2017 - 2:30pm - 4:30pm

As English language teachers, our day-to-day profession consists of three main strands: creating resources, administering activities, and gathering evidence of learning from students. These three strands tend to be present no matter what theoretical approach to teaching we adopt.

In recent years, we are seeing a move toward online learning for a vast array subjects, and language learning is no exception. Learner Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle are used by the majority of academic institutions, and there are a wide range of online resources and activities available to English language learners.

There has yet to emerge, however, an online platform designed specifically for teachers and learners of English as a Foreign Language. Such a platform should of course provide class management functions, and digital resource distribution facilities. However, it should also provide digital activities specifically geared toward learning EFL, and a way for teachers to track their students progress in these activities. These activities should take advantage of the latest web technologies, including text-to-speech and speech recognition.

This is where Apps 4 EFL (http://www.apps4efl.com) steps in. Apps 4 EFL is a free, cross-device compatible Web Based Language Learning (WBLL) platform developed by the presenter. It aims to bring a range of online English learning activities under one roof, and allow students to study autonomously at any time, in any place, whilst also allowing teachers to track and control their students' learning in detail.

This event is co-sponsored by the JALT CALL SIG.


The Asian Conference on Language Learning - http://acll.iafor.org/
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