Director of Program


Louise Ohashi

Meiji University

Louise began teaching English in Japan in 1999 after finding a job advertisement in an abandoned newspaper on a train in Melbourne, Australia. She stayed in Tokyo until 2000 then went backpacking in Europe, teaching English in England, Italy and Spain along the way. She resettled in Melbourne for a couple of years, where she taught general English and EAP courses, then left English behind for a while to study French in Montreal and go on a road trip across Canada. In 2003 she found herself back in Japan for what was only supposed to be a year, yet here she is…


Louise’s main research interests centre around e-learning and learner motivation. Prior to becoming JALT’s Director of Program, she was an active member of JALTCALL, starting as a member-at-large in 2015 before taking on the role of Publicity Officer for JALTCALL2016 and accepting the role of Publicity Officer for the JALTCALL SIG (position still held). She loves conferences and will work hard with the rest of the team to make your next JALT event special!

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